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Power the Sky
Joe Sener is a private pilot and a retired engineer with a deep-rooted love for aviation. He has been in the aviation industry for the last 20 years and has undertaken many flying trips. He has two kids who lead productive lives. The avid traveler is ever ready to fly an aircraft or camp in Oshkosh. During his interview with Jackery, Joe shares his favorite memory from 2015 or 2016 when he decided to go on a mountain flying trip in Colorado. He also shares his experiences as an aviation camper using his compact and portable Jackery Solar Generator.
Joe Sener
Power Your Home With Solar
Kent Hagood lives in Texas. He has a son who loves rock climbing and is an adventurer. The news of the weakening Texas power grid led him to get the Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro and charge his devices using solar power. During his interview with Jackery, Kent shares his reasons for buying from Jackery and the home appliances he wishes to charge during power cuts.
Kent Hagood
Never Run Out of Power
Tom owns the Jackery Explorer 240, 1000, 1500, and 2000 Pro and loves the technology. During his interview, Tom shares his family’s experiences with Jackery's range of products and how he uses different power stations to prepare for emergencies like hurricanes.
Tom Roberts
Default to Yes
Eric Miller is an avid camper and traveler who loves traveling all around the globe. He's camping for an entire year in Boston and is doing a Harvard disaster medical fellowship. Eric has been a paramedic for almost 40 years, did ski patrolling in Colorado for 15 years, and spent several months in places like McMurdo, Antarctica, and Nathaniel Palmer. During his interview with Jackery, Eric shares his life stories as a camper and traveler.
Eric Miller
Capturing Nature Beyond Boundaries
Mark Houde is a skilled outdoor and landscape photographer who artfully portrays the harmony and allure of ordinary places where we live, work, and play. His aim is to raise awareness and draw attention to our communities through the power of visual imagery. Mark's exceptional work is found in various esteemed magazines, reports, and websites, including Politico.com, CTPost.com, CTWine.com, UCONN publications, and more. During his interview, he shares his journey, life experiences, his Kombucha business and advice for those planning to get started with photography.
Mark Houde


Event Date: Starting from 18th October 2023 to 2nd November 2023.

Power For Good

When you order a product with the label donation_marker, a portion of our profits will be donated to Eden Reforestation Projects supporting environmental causes. You'll also receive a thank you letter, expressing our gratitude for your participation of the event.

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