Jackery 10th Anniversary

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Jackery 10th Anniversary


Event Rules

1. Event Date: October 17th - November 15th PDT

2. To enter the lucky draw, you are required to submit an email address. 2 prizes for 2 winners in total - a winner for 1*Explorer 500 Portable Power Station and a winner for 1* SolarSaga 100W Solar Panel!

3. Each participant can enter once with one email address only. Please refresh the page or enter a different email address when error occurs by entering your email.

4. Winners who gets the prize will be notified via email - hello@jackery.com by 15 November. Rewards will be shipped to you shortly after.

5. If you share your story on Jackery's social media platforms, you have oppotunities to win prizes. Rules of the activity wil be displayed on the official social media platforms.

6. If you have any queries, please contact our customer-service team. Email: hello@jackery.com

7. All final interpretations lie solely with Jackery.

8. The activity applies to Jackery's Terms and Privacy policy.

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