Bring the Big Screen to Your Campsite

Over half a million Canadians strap on their pup tent, gather the bacon and round up the kiddos before heading outdoors to go camping every single year. With some of the most pristine natural wonders, like sprawling forests, majestic mountains, and shimmering lakes, why wouldn’t you want to go camping in Canada?

outdoor movie power supply

Just imagine tucking in the family inside the tent as the sun sets and you – turn on the movie magic! That’s right, a portable power station for camping can transform an evening into the most natural movie theater your family will ever experience. With camping solar panels, you can quickly charge your station and give your kids the film they’ve been dying to see while you relax in a rustic environment with friends.

This doesn’t have to be a solo event. Having your favorite film playing under a canopy of twinkling stars is a dream. You can bring your friends, camp out in your backyard, or even get the neighborhood all together in the local park to replay It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve, all through the best portable power station for car camping by Jackery.

Jackery Solar Generator Powers up Your Camping Experience

Activities for the Ultimate Outdoor Movie Night

Canada is a treasure trove of diverse landscapes and outdoor adventures. Whether you're relaxing on the shores of Lake Louise in Banff National Park or nestled deep within the forested retreats of Algonquin Provincial Park, there's no shortage of memorable experiences to be had. Yes, you absolutely should enjoy the typical outdoor activities like canoeing, hiking, and stargazing, but adding a new level of entertainment with an outdoor movie night makes the entire trip more exciting.

Outdoor movie-watching has taken the camping scene by storm. The charm of a crackling bonfire is undeniable, but pairing it with a blockbuster movie or a nostalgic classic?

With a portable power station for camping, you can do so much more than a DVD and hope for the best. Bring all your friends into the backyard for a live broadcast of the World Cup. How about that park BBQ family reunion while you watch the updates from CBC? With the best portable power stations for camping, you have a world of opportunity at your fingertips.

Plus, there’s the added bonus of charging for all your essential equipment. Have a bounce house for your kid’s birthday party but not an outlet? Jackery has you covered. Want to keep your digital devices and camera equipment ready to go on a social media shoot? Jackery is there to help!

The Must-Have Toolkit for an Epic Outdoor Movie Night

Before you put another coffee pot on the hot plate, you may want to prepare your camping gear for what lies ahead. Watching a movie while outside in the great outdoors isn’t exactly like flipping a switch in your home theater. There is some work to do ahead of time. Get out your camping solar panels and prepare for a night no one will forget anytime soon. Whether it’s a mini film festival or a movie marathon of holiday movies, having the best portable power station for camping is crucial. Be sure to pack:

  • Projector: You can’t relive your childhood with Home Alone without packing the projector! This is the heart of your outdoor movie setup.A good projector ensures crisp, clear visuals, even in low-light conditions. Whether you opt for a pocket-sized wonder or a larger, more powerful model, it's essential to invest in one with a good lumen count and resolution. After all, the northern lights shouldn't be the only dazzling visual on your camping trip.
  • Screen: Choose from a white, black, or gray screen (or even a bed sheet if you want). Be sure to keep them free from any textures so they don’t get in the way of your outdoor moving experience. A portable power station for camping is great, but a clean screen is necessary to transform those funny, sad, and engaging silver screen moments into enjoyable experiences. Plus,they're usually easy to set up and takedown.
  • Sound System: Everyone loves a powerful sound system. You want to feel the stomps of the Tyrannosaurus Rex in Jurassic Park. The whole party will sing along to the latest concert by Taylor Swift or the queen herself, Beyonce. Clear audio is possible when you use Jackery for your portable power station. 
  • Media Player: Yup, it’s time to ditch the DVD, VHS, and numerous other equipment for playing movies in the great outdoors. Camping with a movie is much easier today because you can plug in your iPhone, Android, tablet, or laptop into the projector. Just be sure to bring any USB, USB-C, or HDMI cords if you cannot connect via Bluetooth. You may want a hotspot as well if you’re not in a signal-rich area for streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Letterkenny on Hulu Plus.
  • Cables:No one wants the sound to go out when the latest Mission Impossible reboot hits a cliffhanger. Besides the AUX, USB, and HDMI cables mentioned before, be sure you have power cords, DVI, and anything else required to extend your movie night into the wee hours of early morning while the birds start chirping.
  • Power Supply:This is where you want Jackery. A portable power station for camping must include a way to juice up your items (solar panels) naturally so they are well-charged by the time the sun sets and the outdoors turns into your personal drive-in theater (minus the long lines at the refreshment station).
  • Cooking Equipment: Hey, what’s an outdoor camping movie experience without the snacks?! Skip the trail mix and bring out the big eats. It's time to unleash all your favorite foods, from hotdogs to popcorn to full-on homemade chili from your grandma’s secret recipe. With Jackery, you can easily use a portable stove or go the traditional route and sling a pan over the open fire. 

Setting up an outdoor movie theatre might seem like a task, but with the right equipment and a touch of preparation, it can be smooth sailing—or should we say, smooth screening?

Powering Your Outdoor Cinema – The Smart Way

So, you've got all the gadgets and gizmos ready for a memorable movie night under the stars. But power is pivotal, and understanding how much juice you need from a portable generator can be the difference between enjoying a full-length feature and getting cut off right when the action is about to climax.

It helps to know a little about the power requirements of the items you’ll bring. Here is a quick overview, but be sure to read the specifics of the items you’re packing before venturing outside.

Power Requirements:

  • Projector: Modern projectors, especially those tailored for outdoor use, typically consume between 150 to 300 watts.
  • Screen: If you're using an inflatable screen with a fan, it might consume about 100 watts. If you’re going with the “freshly laundered” bed sheet, you are eco-friendly with zero power requirements.
  • Sound System: A decent portable speaker system or soundbar can consume anywhere from 10 to 60 watts, depending on its volume and quality.
  • Media Player: Streaming devices or portable DVD players will generally use up to 10 watts, keeping your film reel rolling. You can also go with your iPhone, but you’ll want to charge it afterward anyway, so why not have a separate device so you can catch Instagram-worthy pictures?
  • Cables & Accessories: Minimal, around 5 watts, considering any powered adapters or extenders you might be using.
  • Cooking Equipment: This can be a variable beast. A small portable stove can use about 1000 watts. You can go with a hot plate but may want to consider the open fire for a more traditional experience.

Adding it all up, you're probably looking at a total estimated consumption of roughly 405 watts per hour. You’re checking out a blockbuster file of around 2 hours long. That would mean you need at least 810 watt-hours (Wh) to enjoy the entire film. Play it safe and factor in other devices you want to charge from your portable power station for camping, and you want at least 1000Wh (hint, hint – that’s where Jackery shines).

The joy of a portable power station is pretty much endless. This is one of the most versatile solutions for camping and movie-watching. Jackery provides lightweight, efficient, and incredibly versatile stations that simultaneously support multiple devices. It's time to get off the grid and onto the portable power station for camping.

Jackery Portable Power Station  Provides Versatile Solutions

Jackery Explorer 1000 Plus Portable Power Station & Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station

Anyone who has ever wanted to watch a movie without having outlets nearby understands the crucial need for reliable power sources. You could be in the heart of Canada’s pristine landscape or at your local park. Either way, a portable power station for camping is essential. That is why Jackery offers premium products to solve your power needs. These include the Jackery Explorer 1000 Plus Portable Power Station and Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station. 

Jackery Explorer 1000 Plus Portable Power Station

  • With its robust 2,000W rated power and 4,000W max output, this generator guarantees your critical devices stay powered no matter what.
  • The flexibility to connect up to 3 extra battery packs means you can supercharge capacity to an unparalleled 5kWh whenever needed.
  • As the first product in its field to achieve prestigious TÜV SÜD verification, this generator represents a pioneering benchmark for sustainability.
  • Achieving a 100% charge rapidly in just 2 hours by solar or 1.7 hours by AC outlet, this generator enables versatile and speedy charging.
  • Leveraging resilient LiFePO4 battery cells for over 4,000 cycles and a decade of usage, this generator is built to deliver long-lasting reliability.
  • Through intelligent Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, advanced app control provides smart real-time monitoring and management.

Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station

  • With a robust 2160Wh capacity and powerful 2200W continuous output (4400W surge), this generator delivers formidable power.
  • Utilizing rapid 2-hour AC charging, you can quickly restore it to maximum capacity.
  • Built to last for over a decade of weekly use thanks to its durable construction.
  • Remarkably compact at just 53 lbs. (19.5 kg), the convenient foldable handle enables easy portability.
  • An advanced Battery Management System (BMS) provides all-round safety and protection for both the device and the
  • The smart display screen gives real-time insights into 18 work states, power consumption, charging status, and more.

With either portable power station for camping solution from Jackery, you have an easy-to-use method that allows high power output for all your devices (from projector to audio). Get a solid charge from the camping solar panels and generator that provides pure sine wave output to avoid noises and ensure sound quality. 

As both systems have multiple outlets, you can directly power all kinds of appliances and devices. The large-capacity battery keeps your movie playing for hours – all of which you can get updates on using the LCD display. If you want a quiet projector power system, Jackery is your best bet. 

While setting up your open-air cinema, safety is paramount. Here are some pointers:

  • Cable Management: Ensure cables are neatly arranged and not strewn around, creating a tripping hazard. Using cable ties or organizers can help.
  • Securing Devices: Securely position all devices, especially on uneven terrain. For instance, a projector should be on a flat, stable surface to prevent any accidental falls.
  • Weather Woes: Electronic devices and moisture are not friends. If there's a chance of rain or dew, ensure your equipment has some protection. Waterproof covers or simply having an umbrella on standby can be handy.
  • Fire Safety: Always keep an eye on the fire so you and your friends don’t end up with unwanted burns. If you are worried, pack a first aid kit with some burn cream in case those marshmallows get too hot.
Portable Power Station for Camping Solution from Jackery


Being out in the heart of the Canadian wilderness is fantastic. Watching your favorite streaming movies on a big screen with all your friends and family is epic! 

Using a portable power station for camping and watching big-screen movies doesn’t have to be complex. Pick up suitable power solutions from Jackery and bring the silver screen to your next outdoor adventure. 

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