10 Must-Have RV Camping Accessories

RV camping is an increasingly popular form of camping that involves using a recreational vehicle (RV) to enjoy the camping adventure while bringing all the comforts of home on the road. RV camping eliminates the need to worry about sleeping arrangements, storage space, or tent setup.

However, RV camping also emphasizes the importance of eco-friendly solutions to reduce environmental impact and enhance the camping experience. For instance, RV campers need reliable power sources, such as portable power stations, to fulfill their power needs in a more eco-friendly way than using toxic gas generators. Therefore, this article covers the top 10 must-have RV camping accessories that not only enhance the outdoor experience but also promote eco-friendliness.

Top 10 Must-Have RV Camping Accessories

There are numerous accessories that can increase comfort, convenience, and sustainability during RV camping. The top 10 accessories are as follows:

1. Portable Solar Panels

RV campers often travel to outdoor locations where grid supply is unavailable. Traditional gas generators have been used to power appliances, but they produce greenhouse gas emissions and noise. Portable solar panels are becoming a popular alternative. RV campers can install solar panels on the roof of their RVs or place them on the ground for direct sunlight exposure while resting at their campsite. This allows them to harness solar energy and power appliances through clean and renewable energy.

2. Portable Power Station

Solar panels can convert solar to power, and then save in a portable power station, which can then be used to power DC devices through a solar generator that harnesses solar energy to store and release electricity on the go. 

Portable power stations are essential for RV camping, almost a must-have accessory for any camping enthusiast. Unlike traditional solar panels that produce DC electricity, these stations offer both DC and AC power. With built-in inverters, a 518Wh battery, and multiple input/output ports, devices like the Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station provide convenient access to power on the go, ensuring you can run various appliances during your adventures.

3. Dehumidifier

RVs can become humid due to temperature differences between the inside and outside. Moisture develops when the cool air inside meets the warm air outside, leading to an uncomfortable environment. A dehumidifier can make a big difference by reducing moisture levels inside the RV and maintaining a dry and comfortable living space.

4. Water Pressure Regulator

Water pressure surges can cause RV water lines to burst, making water a potential enemy of RVs. A water pressure regulator is essential to protect the RV's plumbing system from excessive water pressure.

5. Water Filter

RV campers use water from different sources during their journey, and some sources may contain impurities or contaminants. Installing a water filter system in the RV is essential to remove impurities and improve water quality and taste.

6. Levelers

Camping spots are often uneven, making it difficult to level the RV. Levelers provide an easy and simple way to adjust the RV's level, increasing comfort and protecting appliances like absorption fridges.

7. Chocks

To prevent unintended movements when the RV is parked on uneven or inclined surfaces, chocks are essential. Chocks are wedge-shaped blocks placed behind the wheels to avoid rolling.

8. Surge Protector / Electrical Management System (EMS)

RV electrical systems are not designed to withstand power surges and drops, which can damage components and appliances. A surge protector or EMS can protect the RV from power fluctuations, reverse polarity, and more.

  1. RV-Specific GPS

RV-specific GPS devices are crucial during RV camping adventures, as they route campers away from roads unsuitable for RVs, which may not be accounted for in standard GPS systems.

  1. Cell Phone Signal Booster

Access to the cellular network is crucial for staying connected during

. A cell phone signal booster amplifies weak signals for improved network connectivity.

Jackery RV Solar System

Significance of RV Solar Systems

Out of all the top 10 must-have RV camping accessories discussed above, RV solar systems need extra emphasis due to their reliability, sustainability, and eco-friendliness.

RV solar systems harness solar energy through panels and convert it into usable electricity to power RV appliances. They provide an eco-friendly power source, can power devices anywhere, showcase versatility in powering various appliances, and offer cost-effectiveness in the long run.

Significance of RV Solar Systems
  • Environmental-Friendly Power Source: RV solar systems provide an eco-friendly source of electricity to power throughout the camping period. There are no harmful releases of greenhouse gases or unpleasant noise.
  • Powering Devices Anywhere: RV solar systems can power devices on the go. Whether the grid supply is available or not, solar panels on the RV roof or portable solar panel systems can supply continuous power.
  • Versatility: RV solar systems showcase excellent versatility, as they are able to power a wide range of devices and appliances. From smartphones, laptops, and tablets to lighting, televisions, and refrigerators, all RV appliances can remain functional with the solar system.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: RV solar systems demand an initial investment but provide long-term cost-effectiveness. First, the free energy from the sun eliminates the cost associated with traditional power sources, such as gas generators. Secondly, the long-lasting lifespan of solar panels with minimal maintenance requirements further saves costs in the long run.

In short, RV solar systems are the ideal companion during RV camping, giving peace of mind of continuous power supply no matter the outdoor locations. 

Importance of RV Power Inverters

RV solar systems cannot provide usable power to AC appliances unless the DC power is converted to AC power. This is why RV power inverters are a must-have equipment when campers use solar panels to power appliances during RV camping.

An RV power inverter takes the DC power generated from solar panels, converts it into AC power, and supplies the power to charge devices or run AC appliances, such as a refrigerator, television, microwave, air conditioner, electric heater, etc.  For a reliable and efficient solution, consider the Jackery Solar Generator series - offering industry-leading 25% solar efficiency and quick charging power. Whether you're RV camping, boating, off-grid living, or camping, these solar generators can power all your gear fast, making them a top recommendation for outdoor adventures.

The other key aspects of RV power inverters are as follows:

  • Convenience: RV power inverters eradicate the need for external charges or reliance on electrical hookups. This gives the convenience of charging devices and power appliances without any dependence.
  • Off-Grid Independence: RV power inverters allow RV campers to go into forests, deserts, or any other off-grid destination and feel a home inside the RV.
  • Effective Energy Management: RV power inverters provide proper insights about power consumption and other alerts. This helps to optimize energy usage, leading to more efficient use of solar power systems.

In short, RV power inverters offer the convenience and power supply campers need to power most of their RV appliances.

How Complete RV Solar Systems with Batteries Can Make a Difference?

RV solar systems and power inverters can provide a clean and renewable power supply during RV camping, but they become ineffective when the sun goes down. Without sunlight, solar panels cannot generate power and supply electricity. That's why RV campers need a complete RV solar system with batteries.

With batteries, the solar system will be doing two jobs. During the day, it will charge the batteries and supply power to the appliances. During night or periods of low sunlight, it will use the energy stored in the battery to power appliances. This results in a reliable and uninterrupted power source to fulfill continuous power needs during extended camping tours.

Below are the other key benefits of using a complete RV solar system with batteries during RV camping:

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: A RV solar system with batteries provides enhanced energy efficiency by maximizing the use of solar energy. All the energy harnessed by solar panels gets stored in batteries instead of getting wasted when not utilized. This results in efficient utilization of renewable power and less dependence on external power sources.
  • Reduced Reliance on Traditional Generators: A complete RV solar system with batteries eliminates traditional generators' need. Solar power, along with battery-stored power, provides 24/7 access to electricity. This eliminates the need for traditional gas generators and promotes a sustainable and eco-friendly RV camping experience.
  • Cost Saving: With no need for fossil fuels, gas generators, or other external power sources, RV campers save a lot of cost on power consumption. Moreover, the ultra-long lifespan of batteries, inverters, and solar panels also reduces operational costs. Overall, it leads to significant cost savings in the long run.

In short, a complete RV solar system with batteries and an inverter serve as an all-in-one solar generator campers need during their short to extended RV camping trips.

Jackery – The One-Stop Reliable Place to Access the Best Portable Power Stations and Solar Panels for RV Camping

For campers looking to have a complete RV solar system with batteries in their RVs, Jackery is the reliable brand they can trust.

Jackery is a leading global manufacturer of portable power stations, recognized by over 300+  global media outlets and well-known organizations. Jackery provides a diverse range of portable power stations that incorporate a high-capacity battery, pure sine wave inverter, multiple input/output ports, and top-notch safety features. In addition, Jackery also provides a wide choice of portable, compact, and lightweight solar panels in different power ratings, such as 80W and 100W solar panels.

The below attributes of Jackery reflect why it is a reliable brand for accessing solar systems for RV camping in Canada:

  • Portability: Jackery portable power stations and solar panels are designed with a strong emphasis on portability. All of our products are lightweight, compact, and easy to carry.
  • Power Output: Jackery portable power stations are equipped with multiple power output ports, such as AC, DC, USB-A, and USB-C. This way, campers can use the relevant port to charge/power almost any appliance in RV seamlessly.
  • Compatibility: Due to multiple power outputs with high-capacity batteries, Jackery's portable power stations are compatible with almost all RV camping appliances, such as laptops, LEDs, air conditioners, heaters, refrigerators, kettles, toasters, televisions, etc.
  • Fast Charging: Jackery ensures super-fast charging of batteries either through solar panels or wall charging. For instance, Jackery Explorer 1500 Pro Portable Power Station features a gigantic 1512Wh capacity battery, which gets charged in just 4 hours with solar panels or 2 hours through AC wall charging.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Jackery's portable power stations showcase advanced safety features, such as an intelligent battery management system (BMS), temperature sensors, fire-proof materials, and more. This ensures that overcharging, short circuits, overheating, and other issues are addressed timely and safely.
Jackery Portable Power Stations for RV Camping

To further reflect on the powerful capabilities of Jackery products, let's take a deeper look at our one product, Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station.

Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station features a 518Wh capacity battery and a powerful 500W (1000W surge peak) power output. It is capable of charging low to high-power appliances for long hours through its multiple output ports (1x AC, 2x DC, 1x car, and 3x USB-A ports). Moreover, its 13.32 lbs lightweight design makes it extremely easy to carry.

The other key features of the Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station include:

  • 3 ways of battery charging, i.e., wall, solar panel, and car DC port
  • 9 dB super-quiet operations
  • Working temperature: 14-104°F (-10-40℃)
  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • Ergonomic design with foldable handle for easy carrying
  • Industry-leading BMS technology
  • Temperature sensors
  • Built-in MPPT charge controller
  • 3 years warranty

Overall, Jackery provides a one-stop place for RV campers to explore and find any desired portable power station and a solar panel that aligns with their power needs.

Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

How Jackery's Products Can Withstand Canada's Varying Weather Conditions

Canada is known for extreme and unpredictable weather conditions, from scorching summers to freezing winters. Therefore, RV campers in Canada must consider the weather conditions they may encounter during the trip. This might raise the question of how Jackery products can withstand Canada's varying weather conditions.

Jackery has designed our products keeping in view the weather conditions of Canada. No matter if RV campers use Jackery's portable power stations in extreme summer or freezing winters, they will get the same performance. The below points further highlight the reliability of Jackery's products in Canada's varying weather conditions:

  1. Temperature Range: Jackery's products can operate under a wide temperature range, i.e., 14-104°F (-10-40℃).
  2. Waterproof and Weather-Resistant: Jackery's portable power stations and solar panels feature waterproof and weather-resistant designs. These products have been tested for water and dust resistance, ensuring efficient operations in challenging conditions like rain, snow, etc.
  3. Portability: Keeping ease of transport in mind, all Jackery's products are compact, portable, and lightweight.
  4. Intelligent Safety Features: Jackery portable stations include advanced battery management systems and temperature sensors that monitor the temperature and voltage, ensuring safe operations in extreme weather conditions.
  5. Durability: Jackery's products are highly durable. They withstand rugged outdoor use, heavy rain, high humidity, or extreme cold environments without compromising their performance.

To sum up, Jackery feature-rich portable power stations and solar panels can perform efficiently and reliably in various weather conditions.

Jackery RV Solar Systems in Canada

RV camping in Canada is growing, and it is crucial for campers to have essential accessories to enhance the camping experience and adopt sustainable practices. Solar-powered solutions, like RV solar systems and power inverters from Jackery, offer reliable and eco-friendly power supply during RV camping. Campers can trust Jackery's portable power stations and solar panels to withstand varying weather conditions and provide an enhanced and convenient RV camping experience.

Enhance your RV camping experience in Canada with reliable and eco-friendly power solutions from Jackery. Explore solar-powered RV systems and portable power stations for sustainable and convenient camping.