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Regina Domingo

Live With Nature

Regina Domingo is a wildlife conservationist who has devoted her life to wildlife conversation. The boundless beauty of nature has become her passion, her sanctuary, and her life's purpose. Residing in the rugged terrain of Baja California, she is on a mission to bridge the gap between humans and nature. She loves capturing the most unique wildlife interactions with her camera and Jackery.

Connecting With Nature 

Regi feels a deep connection with the vibrant ocean, majestic mountains, and winding canyons of Baja California — dedicating herself to wildlife conservation and ecotourism. She sets up camera traps to observe mountain lions. Regi, with her camera and Jackery, is on a mission to capture beautiful wildlife and help everyone understand the importance of these animals. With each click of her camera, she hoped to not only document the behavior of animals but also to inspire others to protect these magnificent animals. 

Changing Hearts & Minds 

But Regi's journey isn't just about the wild animals she seeks to protect. Instead, it's deeply personal. She has grown up without a mother and learned to be more resilient, which fueled her determination to follow her passion, make a difference, and raise awareness for the changes going on in nature. While there's a lot to admire in Baja California, she encounters a harsh reality. 

She often encounters local communities targeting the endangered species. It was a heartbreaking sight for Regi who understands that the true conversation effort goes beyond laws and regulations. Instead of condemning the locals, Regi seeks to change hearts and minds. She believed that education, a shift in mindset, and deep-rooted respect for all beings were keys to preserving biodiversity. 

Finding Solace in Wild 

Through her work, Regi emphasizes the fact that conversation is not just about protecting individual species. It's more about integrating into different communities, understanding what their needs are, and preserving the rich biodiversity. For Regi, the true reward lay in knowing that she was making a difference by creating a world where humans and nature exist in harmony and are bound by a love for wildlife. 

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