Ultimate Road Trip Essentials

It's almost time for your road trip, and you've begun to consider what you'll need to bring with you to make your trip perfect.

Whether taking a cross-country road trip, traveling along the US seacoast, or just taking a few days to explore your backyard. We've compiled the ultimate road trip essentials to help you prepare for the different road trips.

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You’re in the right place here! You will find detailed road trip essentials for long road, little road or family road trips. Also, Jackery is the top solar power brand to enable your trip with full electricity.

Road Trip Essentials: Car Essentials

There are road trip essentials for both you and your vehicle when organizing a road journey. Let's begin with the car. These automobile accessories are among the list's essentials for any road journey. When traveling by road in a more remote location, it's critical to remain safe and prepared.

road trip essentials for your car

Drivers License

To drive an automobile in the US, even a rental one, you need a license currently in good standing. Remember that moving without a valid license is also against the law.   

Car Insurance

Always carry your car insurance since traveling in the US without coverage is prohibited. Your insurance plan covers you if you are renting a vehicle. Extra insurance is always accessible from rental companies if you require it.  

Portable Solar Generator

It would be best if you had power for your road trips. You should bring a portable solar generator on trips to power your devices and provide the same environment as at home. For your road trip or as an emergency backup in case your power goes out, the Jackery solar generator is a dependable and clean power source.

Spare Tire

Keep an excellent condition extra tire in case you experience a flat tire. Examine the state of the spare tire in your trunk before you leave.

Road Trip Essentials: Basic Essentials

Before you load the car and leave town, you'll need to put in a lot of preparation work if you're planning a road journey. You'll need to plan your general route, overnight stops, and a list of sites you must see. After checking the car essentials, there are also some items that you must have during road trips.

road trip essentials for basics

Map / GPS

Bring a navigation device with you, whether a smartphone, GPS, or paper chart. Most of the time, we can use applications like Google Maps and others on our smartphones. In addition, Jackery solar generators simplify powering devices, so you don't have to stress about participating in outdoor activities or managing emergencies without electricity for your phones. In particular, portable power station 500300, or 240 are ideal for tiny devices due to their portability and compact size.

Trash Can / Bag

Snacks are a necessary component of any road trip, and you'll need a method to eliminate all the trash you generate from bags, wrappers, and bottles. Carry an extra grocery bag in your vehicle to collect garbage and dispose of it at gas stations.

Water Bottle  

A water bottle is one of the essentials to pack for a road journey. Paying for bottled water and generating unnecessary plastic trash are both extreme. Keep yourself hydrated and reduce waste with a decent travel water bottle.

Power Bank   

You can charge portable power stations from Jackery with a standard outlet, car, or portable solar panels. On a road journey, you can use a regular A/C power outlet to charge a laptop, camera batteries, or other devices that need it.


You should have a flashlight and headlamp in the vehicle if you intend to be outside after dark while on your road journey. The possibilities for the trip are endless! Consistently excellent, flashlights are usually more potent and directional than headlamps.

Road Trip Essentials: Comfy Essentials

It's crucial to keep everyone in the vehicle content and at ease. If you're uncomfortable, food, entertainment, and intriguing sights will only do you a little good. So pack your road trip essentials with comfortable and warm items.

road trip essentials for comfy items


Blankets are excellent if you're taking kids on a trip and want to make them comfortable. A few blankets are helpful for the unexpected, even if you are not traveling with children, for cuddling up while taking a nap during the day, using them as a picnic blanket, or for additional warmth if you end up stranded somewhere after dark.

Travel Pillow   

Remember to bring a cushion. A pillow is necessary if you intend to sleep in your car. A travel pillow is ideal for those in the passenger car who can't lie flat but still want to sleep while traveling.


This is one of those things that you only think about once you discover you're in the mountains without a jacket. Be careful to check the weather where you're going and pack appropriately! We advise wearing adaptable, strong clothing that can withstand anything the road life tosses at you. Also important is comfort.  


  1. Invest in a decent pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.
  2. Select eyeglasses with polarization to reduce glare and protection from UVA and UVB rays from the sun.
  3. Consider bringing an additional pair of sunglasses depending on how long the journey is in case one breaks, or you unavoidably lose one.

Road Trip Essentials: Personal Care

Traveling with good hygiene doesn't have to be complicated. However, you are not required to ignore it completely. Part of the joy of road trips is smelling like sweat and sunscreen. We advise only packing the toiletries for showers and your morning and nighttime routines concerning the road trip essentials.

road trip essentials for personal care

Wash Bag   

Everything listed below must be kept together and within easy reach in a wash bag. You almost certainly always leave home with dry shampoo if you're anything like me. Therefore, this helpful companion would only complete every list of essentials for a road journey.

Paper Towel   

Although they occupy some space, paper towels are handy for accidents and messes. Paper towels can be an excellent tool for families to use when cleaning up after their children's accidents. After a muddy stroll, we cleaned dirty shoes with paper towels.  

Bug Spray   

Because having bugs in the vehicle during a summer road trip is not enjoyable, whether camping in Vancouver or taking a road journey through Toronto, this is the bug spray most people use.

First Aid Kit   

Basic supplies such as band-aids, bandages, antiseptic and safety pins can be invaluable when the closest town is 100km away! Packing antibiotic ointment and plasters is an excellent idea on a road trip. Plenty of great kits are available online, or you can inventory your at-home first aid and take the essentials.

Road Trip Essentials: Entertainment & Cooking

Take your road trip entertainment as seriously as the items you need to prepare, from your playlist to the funny table games and high-tech equipment. In particular, it can be a complete sanity saver for couples with children.

road trip essentials packing list

Road Trip Playlist   

Think of classic rock and roll songs and sing-alongs, and shout your faves loudly! One of your top road trip essentials for a long drive is a playlist full of memorable road trip music, and you can even add some audiobooks for some variation!


Do you still need to decide what to bring on a car trip? We made approximately one picture stop every ten minutes while driving around Montreal. You're probably traveling by car somewhere incredibly gorgeous, so invest in a high-quality travel camera.


If there is one thing more than anything else you want to avoid, it is a hanger. Forget about flat tires or vehicle trouble when it comes to the necessities. Road trip munchies can include things like mixed nuts, fresh produce, chips, cheese, and more that are tasty, filling, and healthy.

Mini Fridge   

Do you only need snacks for the trip, and do you intend to consume most of your meals when you get there? The best option is a small portable refrigerator that can be stored when not in use. Think about a fridge that you can stock up on food and ice at your neighborhood supermarket.

Coffee Maker   

A coffee maker is yet another item that coffee lovers must bring on car trips. Instead of spending money on daily takeout coffee, you can prepare your hot beverages. This innovation is a godsend for someone like you who enjoys drinking coffee and making it at home wherever you go.

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More Road Trips Essentials

A road trip is another unusual vacation experience. The best vacation plan is the idea of packing up everything, getting in the car, and driving off on an adventure.

Long Road Trip Essentials   

A road journey can become more challenging the longer it lasts. Pack your car with everything you can accommodate for a long road trip. Consider activities you enjoy that you might want to do along the route in addition to your tentative itinerary. Additionally, pack more than two sets of shoes and a fleece hoodie. Remember to bring a portable solar generator to keep your electronics charged, even at night.

Winter Road Trip Essentials   

A few things are priceless if your destination has a possibility of having winter driving conditions. A scraper, snowbrush, shovel, extra warm clothing, and wiper oil are essential. Depending on the vehicle and the tires, chains may be advantageous or mandated by law.  

Family Road Trip Essentials   

A road journey with the family offers many opportunities. Planning before leaving the house is best because feelings on the trip can range from excitement to irritability. As long as you are ready, a family road vacation can be a blast. You must bring a few things specifically for children, such as their favorite snacks, games, toys, and wipes.

Road Trip Essentials FAQs

There are some frequently asked questions about road trip essentials.

1. Is it worth getting a solar generator for your road trips?

Yes! No doubt. Due to its portability, lack of noise, cheap operating costs, and use of clean energy, it is a fundamental road trip necessity. The solar generator makes a great traveling partner.

Jackery Portable Solar Generators convert sun energy captured by solar panels into electrical power and then store in portable power stations for later use. There are over eight solar generators with varying capacities and dimensions. As for long or winter road trips, Solar Generator 2000 Pro, 1500 Pro, and 1000 Pro are highly recommended due to their high capacities. 

2. How long before a trip should I start packing?

Two weeks before your road trip, make a packing plan. You will have time to buy any last-minute essentials and toiletries. Start packing and organizing your trip gear about three to four days before departure. The evening before you depart, start packing your clothes.

3. What are fun items to take on a road trip?

The best travel companions will keep you amused and giggling the entire time! Pack your preferred playlist, a GoPro, a tablet, card games, and a trip journal. Not to mention tasty treats!

Final Thoughts

You need to pack many things if you're going on a road trip soon. This list of road trip essentials has given you ideas for what to pack. Remember to bring a portable solar generator, particularly one from Jackery, to ensure that you have a happy, comfortable, and well-prepared road trip!

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