Jackery's 2023: A Year of Unparalleled Growth, Recognition, and Environmental Impact

As The New Year comes, Jackery stands proud, reflecting on an extraordinary 2023 that has seen the company achieve remarkable milestones, receive prestigious awards, and forge meaningful partnerships. From the introduction of cutting-edge products, to garnering accolades for sustainability, Jackery has truly set the bar high, within the renewable energy industry. Here's a detailed overview of Jackery's journey, throughout the year:

January: Unveiling The Pro Series

Kicking off the year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Jackery unveiled the Solar Generator 1500 Pro and Solar Generator 3000 Pro, completing its high-end Pro Series product line. These state-of-the-art additions demonstrated Jackery's unwavering commitment to providing consumers with top-of-the-line, powerful, and reliable portable power solutions.

Jackery Solar Generator in CES

May: SEAL Sustainable Product Awards

In May, Jackery's commitment to sustainability achieved recognition, when the Solar Generator 2000 Plus was honored with the SEAL Sustainable Product Award. This prestigious award, strongly underscored Jackery's dedication in developing environmentally responsible products, making a positive impact on the planet.

Inter solar Participation and WWF Partnership

June: Intersolar Participation and WWF Partnership

At the Intersolar exhibition in June, Jackery made headlines by not only launching the Solar Generator 2000 Plus using brand new LFP batteries, but also announcing a strategic partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The partnership aims to help with conservation of black-footed ferrets, showcasing Jackery's holistic approach towards corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship. To provide a more ecologically friendly method for powering equipment, WWF is using Jackery solar-powered generators to increase detection and protection of the endangered black-footed ferret.

IFA Showcase and Product Line Enrichment

September: IFA Showcase and Product Line Enrichment

TIME Best Inventions of 2023 Award

Jackery continued its strong momentum in September at the IFA exhibition, introducing the Solar Generator 1000 Plus and Solar Generator 300 Plus to enrich its Plus Series product line. The expanded product range reinforced Jackery's commitment in meeting its customers’ diverse energy needs, whilst remaining at the forefront of technological innovation.

October: TIME Best Inventions of 2023 Award

In October, the Solar Generator Mars Bot achieved an extraordinary feat by receiving the TIME Best Inventions of 2023 Award. This prestigious recognition highlighted Jackery's continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence, positioning the company as a trailblazer in the field of clean energy.

COP 28 Speech on Carbon Neutrality

December: COP 28 Speech on Carbon Neutrality

Wrapping up the year on a high note, Jackery made a significant impact at COP 28. Tracy Wang, a representative from Jackery, delivered a compelling speech, emphasizing the critical need for businesses to prioritize carbon neutrality as a fundamental corporate strategy. This underscored Jackery's dedication in addressing climate change and advocating for sustainable practices on a global scale.


As Jackery reflects on the achievements of 2023, the company expresses gratitude to its customers, partners, and dedicated team members who have played pivotal roles in its success. With a foundation built on innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility, Jackery eagerly anticipates opportunities and challenges the upcoming year holds.

About Jackery:

Jackery, the world's leading innovative portable power and green outdoor energy solution provider founded in California in 2012, is a global top-selling solar generator brand born with a mission to offer green energy to everyone, everywhere. Jackery launched its first outdoor portable power stations in 2016 and developed its first portable solar panels in 2018. Jackery has sold over 3 million units globally since 2018, and has been recognized by over 200 authorized media and organizations worldwide and received 58 prestigious international design awards. Jackery has fulfilled its social responsibility on a global scale and maintained long-term cooperation with global public welfare organizations such as WWF, NFF and IRC contributing its strength and value to boost global sustainable development and other public welfare.