10 Helpful Solar-Powered Devices in 2022

More innovations in science and technology are currently focusing on green and renewable energy sources to reduce our negative impact on the environment. Therefore, tapping solar energy and solar power is a great renewable energy source that is extensively used today.

Many gadgets and devices utilize this technology. These devices have proven to be more efficient and reliable in their operation, which has made them gain more popularity among many users globally.

Fret not. You can get these powerful devices with amazing technology installed in your home. Here are some of the solar devices in 2022 that you can check out.

Why should you use solar power?

Outdoor solar power station

Using solar power in your home or outdoors offers various benefits. Here are some reasons why you should use solar power.


The solar power is generated from the free solar energy, therefore does not require any additional cost after installation. It is also cheap and easy to install, thus making it an affordable energy source for many people. In addition, it also saves your money by minimizing your expenditure on electricity.

Clean energy

Solar power represents a green and clean energy source as its production does not lead to the release or emission of any toxic or greenhouse gas to the environment. This makes solar power an eco-friendly and safe energy source for consumption.


Solar gadgets and devices are always portable. Because of this, you can easily move with these gadgets and install them anywhere you want, provided there is sunlight in the place. This makes them more applicable, especially for generating energy used in trips or camps that are sited away from home where there is no power supply.

Solar-powered devices in 2022 you should check out

Now that you know some of the benefits of using solar power as your energy source, let's look at the solar-powered devices currently trending in the market in 2022 that you should check out. Therefore, do these devices include?

1. Solar generator

RVs solar generator

A solar generator is technically a type of solar solution with a portable solar panel and a power station. This gadget converts free solar energy from the sun captured by its solar panels into electrical energy. The electrical energy is then stored in the power station for later consumption.

When searching for a solar generator, the Jackery solar generator will be a better option for you to consider. It is clean and a reliable power source that you can use in RVs or camps. You can also use the Jackery solar generator as an efficient emergency backup power when there is a blackout.

2. Portable power station

This is a type of generator that is powered by a rechargeable battery. Jackery portable power stations are always equipped with many other attractive features such as USB charging ports, DC carport, AC outlet, etc.

For this reason, installing the Jackery Portable Power Station will keep your smartphones and all the gears charged. You can also use it to operate other electrical appliances such as mini coolers, coffee makers and electric grills.

power station for your phone

3. Solar shower

A solar shower is a powerful solar device that converts solar energy into heat. It then uses heat to warm water, making it more comfortable for bathing. The solar shower is eco-friendly, which means that it does not cause any harm to the environment when in use. You get yourself a solar shower today to experience the safest bathing environment you will enjoy most.

4. Solar speaker

Solar speakers are devices dedicated to offering you the best of cool entertainment. With the solar speaker, you can play all your favorite songs to have some enjoyable moments of entertainment when camping or even in an outdoor gathering. These solar speakers are of two types: wired speakers and Bluetooth speakers.

5. Wireless Solar Keyboard

A wireless solar keyboard is another solar-powered device with amazing features that make you enjoy your happy life moments by providing you with lots of entertainment. You can use this device to entertain your friends when camping or at an outdoor gathering. It uses little energy and is therefore reliable for any outdoor use.

6. Solar led Camping lantern

The solar-led camping lantern can provide light for up to 16 hours before being fully discharged. Most of these solar-powered camping lanterns come with Bluetooth speakers and charging ports that keep your smartphone charged when camping. Furthermore, these camping lanterns always have up to 8 color modes that you can use for decoration purposes. You can also use these led lanterns as a backup for blackouts or during any outdoor gathering.

7. Solar power bank

A solar-powered power bank is a powerful gadget that keeps your smartphones and tablets fully charged by solar energy. This power bank is portable, and therefore, you can carry it when going for a trip. For this reason, it is the most commonly used gadget for charging phones on camps and at many outdoor gatherings.

8. Solar smartwatch

The solar smartwatch is a technical watch that recharges itself by using solar energy. This watch has a tough outer casing usually made of strong fiber-reinforced polymer. This smartwatch operates for up to 24 days when fully charged. In addition, it takes up to 54 days to work when recharged using solar power.

This tactical smartwatch comes with many amazing features, including; sleep monitoring, waypoints, heart rate monitoring compass, barometer, altimeter, dual-format GPS and some build-in applications you can use for specific sports.

9. Solar robot

These are unnamed aerial vehicles (UAVs) that are solar powered. The solar robots use batteries when operating at night and solar panels during the day to get power.

10. Solar Refrigerator and Freezer

When your battery is fully charged, you can use your solar refrigerator to cool at as low a temperature setting as 32 degrees for a maximum duration of up to 12 hours. In addition, the refrigerators come with replaceable batteries, which means that you can easily have a spare battery to use as backup when the other one goes off the power.

solar generator for refrigerator


The use of green and renewable energy is a great option to reduce the cost and reduce our impact on the environment. These helpful solar-powered devices are ways we can use solar power in our daily lives.

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