Using Portable Solar Charger For Electric Bikes

With about 7% of the entire Canada population using an e-bike at least once a month, it's no surprise that this eco-friendly method of transportation is catching on. Electric bikes help reduce your reliance on harmful fossil fuels, but they can also allow you to keep more of your money in your billfold.

Now, e-bike users can enjoy traveling further with the help of a portable solar charger. Just imagine being able to explore more without the worry of running out of battery life. Your electric bike can truly be your outlet for seeing and doing more in your town.

ebike solar charger

Can You Charge an Electric Bike with a Solar Charger?  

In a world where most of us depend on the production of fossil fuels to survive, it can be refreshing when you find a way to help reduce that need. Solar panels are a clean and green source of energy that can power anything from your home's electricity needs to your electric bike.

Think about it like this for a minute. You can use solar panels on your roof or garage to charge up your e-bike when it's stationed at home. Then, you can pack a Jackery portable solar charger so that you always have a power source, no matter where your bike takes you.

How to Use an Electric Bike with Solar Charger

If you decide to invest in a portable charger for your e-bike, it's fairly simple to connect. With one of the Jackery Solar Generators, you can simply plug your charging cord into the generator. Make sure you purchase the appropriate charging cord, as each electric bike has its own charging design.

The Jackery Solar Generator 1500 and Solar Generator 2000 Pro accept AC and DC plugs for your convenience. Now, all you have to do is wait for your electric bike to recharge fully, and you'll be back on the go in no time. Charging your electric bike with a solar generator is as simple as charging your bike at home.

One of the biggest advantages of carrying a portable solar generator is that you can traverse more ground without plugging in. You can easily use a home power source to charge up your generator initially. After you've depleted the generator's charge, you can use its connected solar panels to recharge it. Enjoy spending more time outdoors since you're no longer reliant on being connected to a power source.

Jackery Portable Solar Charger for Electric Bike

Now that you know a solar charger is an absolute necessity for exploring the ground just a minute ago out of reach, it's time to determine which solar charger is best suited to fit your needs. Jackery produces some of the best portable solar chargers on the market today. All Jackery solar generators are extremely lightweight and compact for easy transport.

electric bike solar charger

You'll love how efficient these generators are at converting sunlight into usable energy, allowing your e-bike to explore like never before. These solar generators are very user-friendly, easy to set up, and extremely durable. The best part is that they're super quiet, so you can take in the sounds of nature around you while your electric bike is being recharged. With foldable solar panels that offer full charging in as little as two hours, there's no reason not to invest in a Jackery solar generator for all of your e-bike charging needs.

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro

The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro offers a peak power level of 4,400 watts, making it a super fast recharging system. This particular generator can be easily recharged via its six Solar Saga 200-watt solar panels in just 2.5 hours or a traditional AC wall outlet in as little as 2 hours. This unit comes standard with a first-rate lithium battery and four temperature core detectors to ensure a safe and reliable charge every time.

Jackery Solar Generator 1500 Pro

The Jackery Solar Generator 1500 Pro offers 1,800 watts and can be charged in 2 hours with its six solar panels or a wall outlet. This unit features eight state-of-the-art temperature sensors and a patented heat dissipation system for optimal user safety. This solar generator is constructed of a durable and fireproof material that offers both longevity and strength throughout its lifetime.


Electric bikes have become a very useful transportation method that offers the great benefits of exercise and exploration. Investing in a portable solar charger is a forward method for reducing your reliance on fossil fuels while ensuring that your ebike can take you anywhere you want to go, no matter how far off the grid you are.

If you don't currently have a portable solar charger for your electric bike, it's time to consider getting one. Jackery offers a great lineup of portable chargers that can be ideal for all of your off-road adventures.

If you're interested in learning more about solar panels and charging, be sure to sign up for the Jackery newsletter. You'll get exclusive access to product offerings and receive a plethora of information about how solar panels can change the way that you traverse the country.


This section answers the following FAQs below.

  1. Can you charge an electric bike with a solar panel?

Yes, you sure can. In fact, solar is a great eco-friendly way to power your e-bike without using any fossil fuels.

  1. How to charge electric bike with solar panel?

Using a Jackery solar generator is a simple way to capture the power that solar energy provides and give it to your e-bike through its charging cord.

  1. How much solar do I need to charge my ebike?

With a typical 48V e-bike battery, you'll need to have solar panels that produce at least 200 watts of power.

  1. How long does it take to charge an eBike with solar panels?

If you opt for using solar panels that produce 200 watts of power, you can expect the average e-bike to take about four hours to charge.

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