How a Solar Bank Empowers Your Canadian Arctic Archipelago Visit in Summer Sustainably?

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How a Solar Bank Empowers Your Canadian Arctic Archipelago Visit in Summer Sustainably?
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The Canadian Arctic Archipelago, a remote and mysterious land, attracts travelers worldwide with its unique natural landscapes and abundant wildlife: the natural landscape presents a unique beauty in the summer, with the midnight sun's rays illuminating the frozen earth. The magnificent auroras dance across the sky while wildlife roams freely in this pristine environment, offering visitors an unforgettable experience.

However, environmental protection issues have become increasingly prominent, with climate change and ecological destruction posing severe threats to this fragile ecosystem. To ensure the sustainability of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, it is necessary to use renewable energy while traveling. Solar banks, or portable power stations, are good choices, as they can harness sunlight to generate power. They are instrumental during the summer when the sun is visible for extended periods.

Let’s discover how solar banks power the trip to the Canadian Arctic Archipelago sustainably.

The Unique Charm of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago Summer

The summer season in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago is full of mystery and fantasy, offering unforgettable adventures to travelers. Its snowy landscapes are filled with pristine beauty, awe-struck natural phenomena, and exotic wildlife that is hard to find elsewhere.

Here are several aspects of the unique charm of the Arctic summer:

Midnight Sun Phenomenon  

The midnight sun phenomenon is a unique natural wonder in the Northern Hemisphere's summers. The sun hovers in the sky, barely dipping below the horizon. The daylight hours are significantly extended, lasting for weeks or even months. This continuous daylight provides ample sunlight, which imbues the land with a mysterious and enchanting atmosphere. Under this light, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, lakes, and vast tundra appear even more majestic.

The midnight sun offers visitors a rare opportunity to explore unique natural beauty under such unique lighting conditions. Whether hiking the silent tundra at night or paddling a canoe on a tranquil lake at dawn, travelers can enjoy tranquility and grandeur beyond the ordinary.

Photographic Opportunities

If you travel to the world’s top corner, you wouldn’t want to return without pictures. Anyone who appreciates the charm of summer in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago area will want to record the mystery and beauty of this pristine land. Under the glow of the midnight sun, the magnificent glaciers, rugged mountains, and abundant wildlife all become excellent subjects for photography. You would want to store so many things in your memory forever!

Unique cultural landscapes also provide photographers with a wealth of creative material. The indigenous people's traditional lifestyle, festivals, and handicrafts are integral to this land.

Extreme Fishing Adventures

The lakes and rivers of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago have become a dream destination for fishing enthusiasts with abundant fish resources. The waters maintain their natural state, free from industrial pollution and signs of overfishing, providing the perfect habitat for fish species.

There are Arctic char, Arctic cod, and other various cold-water species. These fish attract fishing enthusiasts from all over the world. In these unpolluted waters, fishing is a leisure activity and a way to get in close contact with nature. Visitors can try traditional fishing methods here or use modern equipment to experience the thrill of battling powerful fish in the glacier meltwater.

Traditional Inuit Activities

It is also an excellent opportunity to experience the traditional activities of the Inuit people.

In summer, they host various festivals and celebrations, such as kayak races and dog sled demonstrations. Kayaking competition goes beyond a contest of speed and skill; it is also the inheritance of marine culture. On the other hand, dog sled demonstrations present the Inuit's deep emotional connection with their dogs and their precise understanding of the natural environment.

The summer is also the best time to observe wildlife, as Inuit hunting activities. Visitors can experience this ancient hunting method, feeling the unique charm of coexisting with nature.

Environment Degradation of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago?

Although there are many beautiful sceneries, the environmental issues are not optimistic.

The Canadian Arctic Archipelago stabilizes the earth's temperature. The ice caps act as the heat reflectors, emitting back most of the sun's rays. However, with increasing emissions and tourist pollution, these ice caps are melting at 13%[1] per decade. Since the 1900s, these emissions have caused a 7 to 8[1] inches rise in sea levels, which is still increasing!

It is time to switch to sustainable trips, which is essential to stopping this deterioration and conserving nature.  

How to Make Your Trip to the Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Global warming is affecting the earth in various ways. However, the harshest changes are occurring in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Thus, as ethical travelers, we should consider how to protect this place. Here are a few ways to  make our trip sustainable:

Take Eco-Friendly Transportation  

Environmentally friendly transportation is critical to reducing pollution in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago:

  1. New Energy Vehicles: When planning a trip to the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, we can choose new energy vehicles. Many vehicles are also compatible with installing battery banks with solar panels as an energy source, making them an eco-friendly option.
  2. Public Transportation:Reduce the use of private cars and prioritize public transport between towns and attractions, such as buses and trains, in order to cut down your carbon footprint in this fragile area

Strict Waste Reduction Measures

According to a survey, tourists leave twice as much rubbish as[2] locals. Hence, strict waste reduction measures are crucial for protecting this fragile ecosystem. Carrying reusable water bottles and food containers can minimize the use of single-use plastics. When preparing for the trip, opt for food and beverages with eco-friendly packaging and avoid purchasing items with excessive packaging.

In addition, we should properly dispose of all waste, following the principle of "Leave No Trace." This means that all trash should be taken away when leaving any location. Avoid discarding any items in the natural environment, including cigarette butts and food scraps, which can have long-term impacts on wildlife and ecosystems.

Renewable Energy Solutions

The last but most important step in sustainable travel is switching to renewable energy solutions. They can improve the sustainable development of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago without sacrificing environmental quality.

One of the best solutions is to use solar energy. When summer comes, the sun always rises in the Arctic. Solar electric battery storage, or solar bank, can utilize solar energy with any pollution to store the power almost all day long, providing electricity for tourist facilities such as accommodations, viewing points, and more locations where power is hard to find.

How Solar Banks Contribute to the Preservation of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago Ecosystem?

The Canadian Arctic Archipelago is a generational treasure for all of us. Its ice caps act as buffers for our ecological systems, while its beauty provides more space to observe nature closely. Therefore, we all have the responsibility to protect it.

Solar banks, defined by solar power and battery, can significantly contribute to protection in various ways as a form of renewable energy infrastructure.

As a result, visitors can reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, decreasing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, solar banks do not produce noise and pollutants, decreasing disturbances to wildlife habitats in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

Jackery Portable Power Stations Empower Canadian Arctic Archipelago Visit

Jackery Solar Generators – The Best Travel-Friendly Solar Banks    

To satisfy your power needs in remote, long expeditions and adventurous pathways, we, Jackery, have been providing the best quality, travel-friendly solar gadgets for your Arctic trips:

1. Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro

Our Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro is built on advanced technology to cater to the power demands of extreme outdoor adventures. It is a combination of a solar bank, the Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro Portable Power Station, and solar panels, the Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar Panels.

Finding a power supply in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago is extremely difficult. Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro always has a battery bank with solar panels ready, solving the problem of a limited or no power grid in the Arctic.

Here are more details about this product:

3024Wh High Capacity: Ensures users can access it for multiple days without frequent recharging, making it an excellent choice for extended power outages or camping trips

Smart App Control: Monitors the generator's status, adjusts settings, and even controls various outputs remotely from a smartphone or tablet

Graded Battery Management System: Offers comprehensive protection for the battery, including overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit, and temperature monitoring. This system ensures the battery remains in optimal condition and extends its lifespan, providing reliable service

Multiple Charging Methods: Supports three charging methods, including AC charging (2.4H), carport charging (35H), and solar charging (9H via Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar Panel) to replenish your solar bank versatilely.

Jackery Portable Power Station for Expeditions

2. Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus

If you are looking for a more compact design of a complete solar bank set that you can carry easily in your backpack, our Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus could be a better choice. Like Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro, this solar generator comprises two parts: the battery module, Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station, and the solar panels, the Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar Panels.

Here's more:

Portability: Weighing just 8.27 lbs (3.75kg) and compactly sized at 23*15.5*16.7cm, the solar bank in Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus, our Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station, is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. Plus, the portable panel is only 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg), making it perfect for Arctic expeditions in Canada without any pressure

Capacity: Despite its small size, this portable solar generator packs a powerful punch with a capacity of 288Wh, providing sufficient power to charge devices and sustain essential equipment during your Arctic journey

Battery Type: Equipped with a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, our Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus ensures reliability even in extremely cold temperatures, which are common in Arctic environments, making it a dependable power source for your trip

All-around Safety: The solar bank in Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus features a comprehensive safety system with 52 protective mechanisms, 12 BMS (Battery Management System) algorithms, and 4 types of physical protection. These features ensure the device operates safely and protect the battery from hazards. Safety measures are crucial in the Arctic environment, where extreme conditions can pose unique challenges to electronic equipment


A trip to the Canadian Arctic Archipelago is different from your usual vacation trip. It is an unforgettable experience with fantastic beauty and unique charm. However, as ethical travelers, we are also responsible for preserving and protecting the environment while visiting this place. Besides food and other travel essentials, having a sustainable and ready-to-use power source like solar banks is extremely important.      

With over 20 years of experience, we, Jackery, have worked hard to create energy options that take from and give back to nature. Our sustainable solar banks are the perfect travel partners. So, please partner with us to make your trip to the Canadian Arctic Archipelago extra special!   


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