25 Earth Day Activities for Kids, Preschoolers, Students, & Adults

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25 Earth Day Activities for Kids, Preschoolers, Students, & Adults
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What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is an annual celebration observed on April 22 and demonstrates the importance of protecting Mother Nature and the environment. It started in 1970 in the United States to focus attention on major environmental issues. It's now celebrated by preschoolers, kids, and adults with hands-on learning Earth Day activities, arts and crafts, and experiments.

The best way to celebrate is by participating in Earth Day activities like bingo card games, backyard camping, stargazing, planting trees, etc. Whether you are planning activities at home, school, or locality, this article is all you need to read. Here, we will include simple hands-on Earth Day games and activities that will help you celebrate the day in an eco-friendly way.

2024 Earth Day Theme and Its History

Each year, Earth Day has a theme highlighting environmental concerns. The 2024 Earth Day theme is "Planet vs. Plastics," — marking the commitment of EarthDay.org to demand a 60% reduction in plastic production by the end of 2040.

Earth Day was first celebrated by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970. By 1990, it had gone global, and currently, more than 190 countries participate in the celebration every year. Here's a list of Earth Day themes of the last five years :

  • 2020 : Climate Action
  • 2021 : Restore Our Earth
  • 2022 : Invest In Our Planet
  • 2023 : Invest In Our Planet
  • 2024 : Planet vs. Plastics

Earth Day Activities for Kids & Preschoolers

Earth Day is one of the best times to introduce essential concepts to kids, such as planting, recycling, and composting. There are many simple Earth Day activities for kids that will even get toddlers and preschoolers involved.

Paint Flower Pots & Plant Seeds

If you are looking for Earth Day activities that will get your kid's creative juices flowing, consider painting flower pots and planting seeds. They can start by painting one of their hands blue and stamping it into a plain flower pot.

Then, they can add some green markings on the handprint with a paintbrush until it resembles the Earth. If they don't want to use the paintbrush, ask them to use their fingerprints and form flowers on the handprint. Once the paint is dry, fill the pot with soil and seeds!

Make Earth Day Treats

Gather all the kids and make a batch of cute, Earth-themed cookies or cupcakes. It will be fun for the kids to make and even more fun for them to eat. This Earth Day, kids can make their favorite sugar cookie recipe and then tint half the batch blue and half green.

If you want to make the overall experience more fun for kids, take bits of each batch of colored dough to make a ball. These creative cookies are undoubtedly one of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day.

earth day cookies

Read Thought-Provoking Books

There are many planet-friendly books available for kids of all ages. If you want to try something easy and simple, head to the library with your little environmentalists to read a thought-provoking book.

Wear an Earth Day Costume

Challenge your kids to create their own Earth Day costumes using items that are no longer in use. For example, they can make a cheerful sun costume using simple cardboard.

Do Some Birdwatching

Go for a birdwatching tour around the locality and teach kids about the local birds in your area. Make sure to bring along your binoculars and be extra quiet to view birds in nests and trees.

birdwatching on earth day

Craft Upcycled Organizers

There are many things that we usually throw away. However, they can be great organizers. For example, kids can use paper bags to keep their toys organized. Some other things that can be recycled as organizers include egg cartons, jugs, and plastic cups.

Earth Day Bingo

You can download the free printable bingo cards and play with your kids at home. This is one of the great Earth Day activities for preschoolers.

Seed Jar Experiment

Let your kids plant seeds in a jar and watch them grow. This Earth Day activity can be observed in a week and will increase the interest of kids in planting.

seed jar experiment earth day activities for kids

Earth Day Discovery Bottles

Science discovery bottles are another great Earth Day activity to check out simple science concepts with preschoolers. You can create various discovery bottles with a preschool Earth Day theme.

Homemade Seed Paper

A great way to celebrate Earth Day for kids and preschoolers is by making homemade seed paper. It is a great art activity for preschoolers and requires very simple materials. It's also a fine motor skill challenge and makes for fun sensory play for kids with a little science mixed in, too.

Earth Day Activities for Students

There are many Earth Day activities for students that can encourage them to be good to the planet. Here, we have jotted down some of the best Earth Day activities and ways to help students connect to the planet and be more sustainable.

Pick Up Trash Around School

Trash cleanups are one of the simple yet impactful Earth Day activities. Students can pick up trash around their schools to promote a clean Earth. To make it more impactful, ask students to write down the kind of trash they pick up and from where. The data can be analyzed to find patterns and solutions to stop trash accumulation at a source.

Host a Drive to Collect E-Waste

E-waste is one of the growing problems in the United States. This Earth Day, teachers can raise awareness about the problem within their school and community. Teachers and students can look for a nearby recycling facility and host a drive to collect e-waste and combat this problem.

Engage Students in a Pollution Experiment

One of the engaging Earth Day activities is to help students learn about pollution and understand the consequences of not protecting the Earth. The primary goal behind the experiment is to convey that preventing pollution is much easier than finding a remedy for it later.

Make Signs for School & Home

Sometimes, we all just need a small reminder to change our habits. Students can think about different ways to help the environment and encourage everyone to change their habits. For example, they create signs like "Don't Forget to Turn Off Lights” or “Save Nature & Future.”

earth day signs and posters

Set Up Classroom Recycling

With proper recycling and composting plans, more than half of the waste could be diverted from landfills. Classroom recycling is a great student-led program where students can research what materials can be recycled and what not to put in the recycling bag. They can even design a class recycling center.

Create Posters for Classrooms

There are many important topics related to creating awareness regarding Earth protection. However, some hugely important topics can be complicated for students. The best way to help them understand the depth of the topic is to create a Biodiversity Poster and put them in the classroom.

Plant a Tree

Planting trees is one of the Earth Day activities that can be done anywhere, be it in schools or homes. On Earth Day, everyone can plant a tree in decomposable materials and take a pledge to protect plants.

plant trees earth day activities

Create a Solar System

Teachers can teach students about the solar system and Earth's position within it. This Earth Day activity requires styrofoam balls, paint, paper, wooden sticks, and pipe cleaners.  

Set Up an Earth Day Sensory Play Station

Younger students often love creating new things. This Earth Day, let them set up a sensory activity table with a base tray, baking soda, plastic animals, plants, and Earth-related toys.

Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Let the students explore home or school outdoors—perhaps in their backyard or a neighborhood park—to see what they can find. Ask them to create a list with answers like: How many squirrels did they see dashing by? Can they spot anything that can be recycled? Let them draw their discoveries once they arrive back inside.

Earth Day Activities for Adults

From planning an eco-friendly backyard camping trip to making a terrarium, we have rounded up many fun Earth Day activities for adults to show your appreciation for Mother Nature.

Make a Terrarium

This year, you can bring the Earth's beauty indoors by building a terrarium. All you need to do is use a glass jar and tiny touches like mini dinosaurs, moss, and toy cars to create a terrarium and display it at home.

Feed the Birds

On Earth Day, it's always the simple things that matter. You can DIY bird feeders and help little creatures in the backyard by offering food. Instead of buying a bird feeder, consider upcycling old glassware and filling it with bird seeds. It's a great way to nurture the environment and make your little ones smile with excitement.

bird feeder earth day activities

Put Out a Rain Barrel

Instead of using water from the hose, consider saving the rainwater and using it. You can place a rain barrel next to your house and catch all the rain from the roof.

Join a Local Clean Up

Many local communities plan cleanup days on or around Earth Day. So, if you want to spend a day helping Mother Nature, consider adding a local cleanup event to your calendar. Whether it is a park, highway, or beach, you will definitely do your part.

join a local clean up earth day activities

Go Camping in Your Backyard

There's nothing better than appreciating Mother Nature on Earth Day. You can grab some ingredients and head to the home backyard for a night. Take in the night sky, try stargazing with your little ones, and appreciate everything nature has to offer.

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Earth Day Activities FAQs

What are three activities people do to celebrate Earth Day?

The three activities to celebrate Earth Day include planting trees at school, near homes, and in the locality, building bird feeders, and picking up litter to keep the surroundings clean.

What are 3 things we can do to support Earth Day?

The three things we can do this Earth Day are reduce, reuse, and recycle policy, choose sustainable products, and plant trees.

What types of activities are done for Earth Day?

Earth Day activities include outdoor activities, public demonstrations, and classroom leaves.


Over 1 billion people participate in the celebration of Earth Day, and if you are planning to join the action, the fun and meaningful Earth Day activities in this list can help you celebrate Mother Nature. There are many ways by which you can impact the Earth positively, including planting more trees and reducing the use of plastic.

If you are hosting a gathering at home during Earth Day or planning to head out for a backyard camping trip, make sure to have a portable power source like Jackery Solar Generators. They are efficient, reliable, and robust charging solutions to charge most indoor or outdoor appliances.

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