Outdoor Solar Shower: Can Solar Generator Run An Outdoor Shower

Outdoor showers have long been a favorite among beach-goers who want to cool off on hot summer days or clean up before doing some gardening. Solar-powered outdoor showers are incredibly cost-effective if the water is heated by the sun.

A small portable outdoor solar shower typically uses between 90 to 150 Watts. While fixed outdoor showers use between 2000 and 2500 Watts, representing a significant portion of the energy cost.

solar powered outdoor shower

On this page, you will learn what a solar-powered outdoor shower is, how it works, and the solar-powered outdoor shower vs. solar generator for an outdoor shower. Here recommend Jackery solar generators to be your best outdoor shower companion.

What is Solar Powered Outdoor Shower

A portable, lightweight device called a solar-powered outdoor shower uses the sun's energy to warm water so you can take a warm shower outside. This small piece of equipment is ideal for camping or washing off after a fun day at the shore.  

Unlike a conventional home shower, a solar-powered shower does not require gas or energy to heat the water. You can significantly reduce your energy usage by heating your water. Install a cutting-edge solar shower in your house to save even more during the hot summer months.

How Does A Solar Powered Outdoor Shower Work

An insulated water reservoir or cistern, a hose, and a shower head are the standard components of an external solar shower. The tank does water storage and heating.

Black paint has been applied to the interior of the tank to maximize heat absorption from the sun. The black linings in the cistern capture as much heat as they can when the sun's rays come in contact with the water. A sun shower can heat water to over 100 F during the summer.  

how solar shower works

Outdoor Solar Shower VS. Solar Generator for Outdoor Shower

Solar energy is used in solar-powered outdoor showers to heat the water inside without electricity, making them more convenient for external use. It has a shower nozzle that can freely rotate 360 degrees and be tilted to provide a steady stream of water.

The solar-powered outdoor shower can accommodate your requirements and give you access to free hot water wherever you are, whether you want to take a refreshing shower on hot summer days, enjoy a nice shower after swimming, wash your feet after playing in the sand, or wash your pets in the backyard.

On the other hand, the external solar shower will be significantly impacted by cloudy or wet days. Since some portable solar showers can only use 2-3 minutes, it could be better to use hot water when showering in the cold.

The best choice for an outdoor shower at that time might be a portable solar generator. As you can see, a solar generator includes solar panels and a power station that harnesses solar energy and turn it into electricity that can be stored for use at a later time. You shouldn't be concerned about running out of hot water when taking an outdoor shower on a cloudy, rainy, or chilly day.





Outdoor Solar Shower

- Portable & fixed

- Easy assembly

- Swivel shower-head

- Hot & cold water adjustment

- Easy to set  

- Easy to carry

- Clean energy

- Cheap than a home shower

- Rinse off with comfort

- Rely on the sun upon

- Need a long time to heat water

- Longevity problems

- Repositories for bacteria

- Low pressure

Solar Generator for Outdoor Shower

- Unlimited energy

- Solar panels with a power station

- Suitable for all types of outdoor shower

- Support constant showering

- Recharge by solar panels, wall outlet, carport

- Heat water faster

- Easy to carry

- Easy to use

- No installation

- No maintenance

- Multiple recharging methods

- Clean, quiet, no fumes

- Work on cloudy or rainy days

- Some solar generators with large capacities may cost a little (but lower than home showers)

Solar Powered Outdoor Shower

Outdoor solar showers are:

- An excellent way to clean up outside.

- A clever way to give visitors a backup shower during a busy weekend.

- A suitable place to wash off the sand from your feet or after a messy day of yard work.   

Additionally, solar energy is one of the most abundant and clean energy sources. Additionally, you wouldn't harm the environment. It doesn't even require a solar panel, in contrast to other solar goods.

You can save money with a solar-powered outdoor shower. You wouldn't have to worry about how much voltage it consumes because it runs on solar power. As a result, you must rely more on solar electricity and less on electrical energy.

outdoor solar shower

However, solar showers frequently need help with functional and aesthetic problems in the suspended-tank design. Low flows can be annoying when the water level lowers because these traditional solar showers depend on head pressure from a suspended hot water tank. Additionally, the containers may serve as receptacles for bacteria and algae, necessitating ongoing cleaning.   

Solar Generator for Outdoor Shower

In contrast to solar-powered outdoor showers, which are very Sun-dependent, a portable solar generator, which combines solar panels with a power station that can store energy for later use, is the best backup energy source for an outdoor shower. You can always take a hot water shower outside on a chilly day.

The separated bags are what heat the water in solar showers. It needs plenty of sunlight all by itself. Thus, heating the water can take a very long period. However, portable solar generators have a range of outputs and capabilities, are simple to operate, and can efficiently heat water. You don't have to wait long for a quick, two-minute shower.  

Jackery is the top brand to offer different types of solar generators, solar panels, and power stations. All solar products are portable, simple to set up, and eco-friendly. You won't ever regret selecting Jackery to be your shower buddy outside.  

how jackery solar generator work

Jackery solar generators can power various home and outdoor appliances, including an outdoor shower, mini-fridge, coffee maker, TV, and more. Solar generators come in multiple sizes and capacities to meet all your requirements.  

We suggest Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro power large fixed solar showers. Also, you can choose Solar Generator 1000 Pro to charge a portable solar shower or shower bag.   

How Many Watts Does An Outdoor Shower Use

Wattage is a measurement used to determine how much electricity a device uses. You might be shocked to learn that an electric shower is the energy-hungriest appliance on our list, but heating the water requires a lot of energy and can use up to 1,460 kWh annually. However, they use less wattage for outdoor baths than for home showers.

A tiny portable outdoor shower typically uses between 90 and 150 Watts. While fixed outdoor showers use between 2000 and 2500 Watts, representing a significant portion of the energy cost.   

How Many Gallons Do Outdoor Showers Use

The volume of outdoor showers is measured in gallons. If you let the water run constantly, a regular shower uses about 2-3 gallons per minute, so a 5-gallon bag lasts about 2 minutes. On the other hand, a standing solar shower should last longer than five minutes and contain between 10 and 15 gallons.             

How Much Solar Power Does An Outdoor Shower Need

The solar shower can heat the water to 113 degrees Fahrenheit under typical conditions, including complete exposure to sunlight and ambient temperatures above 50 degrees. A typical adult should feel comfortable in 113 degrees or lower water.         

Outdoor Shower


Length of Use

Solar Power Needed

Portable Outdoor Shower




Fixed Outdoor Shower




Can A Solar Generator Run An Outdoor Shower

A portable solar generator is undoubtedly superior to an outdoor solar shower. Because it can function on days when it's cloudy or raining, which the solar shower cannot. A solar shower will take a long time to heat the water, and some portable solar showers can only use 2-3 minutes. In contrast, solar generators provide continuous electricity to heat water quickly.

Jackery solar generator for outdoor shower

Jackery is a pioneer of the solar generator sector and a top-selling solar generator brand worldwide. When operating, solar generators produce green energy that is pure and renewable. Solar generators don't use gas to make electricity or have no moving components. This layout reduces the likelihood of having to pay for fixes.

Different solar generators for different sizes and uses can power an outdoor shower. For instance, the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro guarantees constant, stable, and quick recharging with a 2,160Wh capacity, 2,200W AC power, and 4,400W peak power.

The Solar Generator 1500 Pro is also ideal for fixed outdoor showers because it can be fully charged using the 4 x 100W SolarSaga panel in under 4 hours or a wall outlet in under 2 hours. Also, Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro and 500 are best for a portable outdoor shower.    




Outdoor Shower Watts


Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro


AC Output: 120V, 60Hz, 2200W (4400W Peak)

USB-A Output: Quick Charge 3.0, 18W Max

USB-C Output: 100W Max, (5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V up to 5A)

Car Output: 12V, 10A

Portable Shower: 


Fixed Shower: 


Portable Shower: 


Fixed Shower: 


Jackery Solar Generator 1500 Pro


AC Output: 110V, 60Hz, 1800W (3600W Peak)

USB-A Output: 5V, 2.4A

Quick Charge 3.0, 18W Max, 5-6.5V, 3A/6.5-9V, 3A / 9-12V

USB-C Output: PD60W, (5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V up to 3A)

Car Output: 12V, 10A

Portable Shower: 


Fixed Shower: 


Portable Shower: 


Fixed Shower: 


Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro


AC Output: 120V, 60Hz, 1000W (2000W Peak)

USB-A Output: Quick Charge 3.0, 18W Max

USB-C Output: 12V, 10A

Car Port: 120V, 60Hz, 15A Max

Portable Shower: 


Fixed Shower: 


Portable Shower: 


Fixed Shower: 


Solar Powered Outdoor Shower FAQs

The following shows the frequently asked questions about the solar-powered outdoor shower:

1. What size of solar generator do I need to run an outdoor shower?

solar generator is an efficient and adaptable form of electricity. One can be used as a backup energy source or to obtain power while on the go. Typically, power stations or power banks are measured in wattage. This power measurement is used to determine how quickly energy is transferred.

To calculate how long it will take to run your outdoor shower using Jackery solar generators, here is the formula:

Working time = solar generator capacity*0.85 / operating wattage of your outdoor shower

For instance, if you use Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro (2160Wh capacity) to charge your fixed outdoor shower (2000W usage), the working time is 55 Mins (2160W*0.85 / 2000W).

2. How long does a solar shower take to heat up?

It is hard to say with certainty how long to heat the water because solar showers rely on sun energy. It might take a day or less time if it's in full sunlight or temperatures of 40 degrees or higher.

3. Does an outdoor solar shower work in winter?

Yes, but the setup must include a high-efficiency flat plate or evacuated tube collector for best outcomes. This solar collector should ensure the storage container makes the most of the little available winter light. A portable solar generator is the best option for powering an outdoor shower.

Final Thoughts

Shower bags or solar showers are excellent ways to stay clean while traveling outside. The effectiveness and flexibility of solar-powered outdoor showers allow you to take a warm shower in the middle of a natural wilderness. However, solar showers require a lot of Sun energy and take a while to warm up. Therefore, Jackery solar generators are superior to solar showers for outdoor cleaning.  

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