RV Solar Panel Kits: Power Your Vehicle with the Sun's Energy

Whether you live in your RV full-time or just use it for the occasional vacation, an RV solar panel kit can be a helpful addition. These kits let you collect energy with a solar panel and run appliances, electronics, and more.

For many RVers, a solar panel kit is a good way to save fuel costs and rely less on the power grid. Others are turning to solar because they want a more eco-friendly power source. Whatever your reason for switching to solar, you can be confident that you're getting an efficient, reliable power source.

Are RV Solar Panel Kits Worth It?

rv solar panel kits

While there are some upfront costs associated with solar panels, most people find that they are worth it.

First of all, they save a lot of money on fuel costs. Since the kit lasts for years, you eventually recoup your initial investment and get power completely for free. 

Another nice perk is that panels provide clean energy, so you don't have to worry about polluting the gorgeous natural wonders you visit. Using solar power helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improves air quality. Plus, since it's a renewable energy source, you're helping to preserve natural resources.

Unlike generators, solar panel kits are also quiet so that they won't disturb your peace. Much like Jackery Solar Generators, you get a reliable source of electricity that won't disrupt your camping experience.

Finally, kits are quite convenient and lightweight. You can take them with you to wherever your RV goes and set them up quickly and easily. Plus, you can get power even when you're far away from a gas station or electrical outlet.

How Much Solar Do I Need for an RV?

rv camper solar panels

Any good kit will have solar panels to collect energy from the sun and a solar generator that converts the power to a usable form. The main thing you'll need to focus on is just finding one that suits your RV's power needs.

There are two key measurements to understand when selecting a solar generator: wattage and voltage.

Watts, or watts-hours (Wh), measure the total amount of energy a solar generator can produce in an hour. For example, a 250-watt generator could power 10, 25-watt light bulbs simultaneously.  Select a generator with enough watts to cover your needs, or you may need to purchase multiple generators.

Voltage is another important factor when selecting a solar generator. Different appliances and electronics require different amounts of voltage to run. Look for a solar generator with adjustable voltage settings so you can easily change the level that works best with your devices. For example, your stove might be rated at 240 volts, while your laptop might have a 110-volt rating. Getting the right combination of wattage and voltage is essential to keep your RV powered.

To figure out how much solar you need, you'll have to make a list of everything you plan to run on solar. Some RVs will tell you their total power draw, but if you're bringing along additional electronics, make sure to add them to your total. Check this total against your desired generator to see if it can provide you with enough power.

RV Portable Solar Panel Kits: Quick Buying Guide

Picking out a solar panel kit for your RV doesn't have to be extremely complicated or confusing. All you need to do is stop and consider each of these basic concepts.

  • Brand: There are a lot of different solar panel brands out there, but only a few really prioritize portability. Jackery is among the favorites of seasoned RVers. You can rely on our solar generators to provide you with enough power especially during power outages and emergency situations.
  • Price: Lower wattage stations tend to be more affordable, so it can be worth it to pick a lower wattage and just run less equipment at once. You can also reduce prices by picking kits with fewer RV camper solar panels.
  • Components: Portable solar panel kits come with a variety of different components. Some just have a generator and one solar panel while others provide multiple panels, connector cables, and other helpful accessories.
  • Outlet Types: Pay close attention to the number and type of outlets on your solar generator. This will determine how many devices you can power at once, so it's an essential part of picking a good kit.

Jackery Solar Panels: Best Portable Solar Panels for RV

rv portable solar panel kits

For years, Jackery has been one of the most popular options for RVers. They produce a variety of solar panels and rechargeable generators for customers to choose from. This makes it easy for travelers to do things like run a stove, charge a phone, or light their home without using fuel.

Jackery is known for its durable and easy-to-use products. Their products are all compatible with each other, so you can pick your favorite solar panel style and mix and match it with your preferred generator. Jackery's products are waterproof, portable, and quick to set up.

SolarSaga 100W Solar Panel for RV  is lightweight and foldable. It comes with a carry handle to move it around and kickstands that let you set it up at a convenient charging angle. Thanks to multi-layered cell technology, this monocrystalline silicon panel is up to 24.3% more efficient than standard panels.


As you can see, there are a lot of great RV solar kits to choose from. The right style just depends on how much power you need and how much space you have. Smaller kits are a helpful supplement to your current power setup, while large kits can entirely replace fuel-powered generators.

Don’t have a solar generator yet? Browse through our catalog today! We have all the guides you need from choosing a size to finding a good spot to charge, so it's an excellent resource for RVers.

If you're ready to convert to a more affordable, reliable, and environmentally-friendly form of power, Jackery is here to help. Explore our lineup now or subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our products.

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