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Aaron Sanford

Boating Trips Made Easy

Aaron Sanford is a boating enthusiast who grew up on the East Coast. The outdoor adventurer has a deep-rooted love of being out on the water and always wanted to start his boating journey. He works at NASA as a quality engineer. During his interview, Aaron shares his boating life experiences and how Jackery helps him keep the devices powered for a long time.

1. What inspired you to buy a Jackery Solar Generator? 

Recently, I bought a boat, and I can run all my electronics on shore power without draining the batteries. Since I've been following the solar generator stuff pretty closely, I looked at Jackery and all of its competitors. I got the Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro and two SolarSaga 200W Solar Panels. 

My plan was to get the Jackery Solar Generator for my boat since it was quiet and emitted no fumes like gas engines. Moreover, these gas generators might not generate as much power as Jackery solar generators. I could also use the solar power station to run a portable AC unit in my boat cabinet. And if I'm going on a long weekend boating trip, Jackery will keep me comfortable by powering my devices. 

The nice part was that the solar panels were portable, and I could put them easily on the top of my boat. They charge the Explorer 3000 Pro faster and take care of all the devices I want to power. I also bought an RV adapter to plug into the 30 amp output on the Jackery – and it worked great! 

2. What boat appliances do you power with your Jackery? 

I bought a compact and portable AC unit that is taller and skinnier. Jackery helps me run my AC at maximum cooling for hours. As my AC draws more or less 300 watts, the runtime is nearly eight and a half hours. But, obviously, when the compressor catches up and cools down the room, I turn it off. This way, I can run my AC for nearly 14-15 hours. 

Besides AC, I can power a little electric fan, phone, or anything else I need to charge in my boat. When I'm at home, I use Jackery in my driveway to charge appliances like power drills. Instead of running an extension cord from the driveway or garage to where I want power, I take my Jackery along and plug my devices right into it. I also use Jackery to charge a hand power drill when I'm on my truck. 

3. If given a chance, would you still choose the Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro or replace it with a product of a different capacity? 

As far as the Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro is concerned, the purchase decision was based on battery capacity. I went with the Explorer 3000 Pro because I wanted extra power. Since I am not hiking or doing any outdoor adventures, the little heavy nature of the Explorer 3000 Pro doesn't bother me. 

Another reason to get Explorer 3000 Pro was to use it as a home backup generator and charge appliances, like refrigerators, during power outages. To be honest, I think solar is an energy that I can replenish. Unlike gas, I don't have to worry that solar energy will just disappear one day. 

4. What advice do you have for people who are trying to get started? 

I grew up on the East Coast, and we're living in the Chesapeake Bay. I grew up boating and being on the water. So, for me, getting a boat or getting out on the water was the next step for myself. Over a month ago, I purchased a new boat for an overnight or maybe a weekend trip. 

Before that, I've been figuring out the stuff ahead of time. I'm gonna need power, especially when I want to stay somewhere that's not in Marina or doesn't have shore power. I can just take my Jackery along and charge devices. I didn't purchase a gas generator because I don't want to store a gas engine or deal with fluids leaking out and noise. 

5. Do you have any crazy stories or wild adventures that you would like to share? 

If I had the Jackery power station before, I would have taken it with me to the car events. It would have been nice to have power for nearly anything in the car, like the stuff needed to cool it during the hot days. 

I've seen people using solar generators for camping or RVing, and I wondered why not on the boat? I've always been a fan of electric stuff. I understand how awesome electric motors can be in cars. 

The next progression for me was that I'd just get the solar generator to replenish that power without worrying about anything else down the road. 

6. How do you want to use Jackery for other outdoor activities? 

I work with NASA, where I do metrology. I'm basically an inspector whose job is to look over everything all the time. I might actually use Jackery power stations because we've been trying to pitch upper management for a kind of charging technology at Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. 

I could say the Jackery is just like a small cooler that has wheels and rolls just fine – and it's very clean and quiet. I could pitch by saying that not only can we bring our equipment but also our own power source. With Jackery, we neither have to feel disconnected nor pull power from anything. 

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