50 + Best Christmas Gifts for All Types of Outdoorsy

You've come to the right place if you're planning your Christmas shopping. The ideal presents for outdoor enthusiasts should encourage adventure, heighten zeal, and encourage outdoor enthusiasts to spend more time outside. The good news is that each adventuring item on our outdoor gifts list does all these and more!


 gifts for the outdoors


The holiday gift-giving season is now in full swing, and we take great delight in providing the ideal gifts for the outdoor lovers on your list. Of course, the finest presents for adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, and other outdoorsy people enhance their capacity for outdoor pleasure.  

You can seek presents particular to camping, fishing, skiing and snowboarding, hunting, hiking, or water play gifts for paddle boarding, kayaking, or beach enthusiasts if you know which outdoor activities they enjoy the most. In this post, we've chosen various Christmas outdoor gifts for all types of outdoorsy. The holidays are the ideal time to treat the person who loves nature!

Best Christmas Gifts for All The Outdoors

To ensure that there is something for every type of adventurer in your life, we checked off every category, from hikers, backpackers, and campers to road trippers, van lifers, powder chasers, and even outdoor-loving dogs. Browse our carefully chosen gift guide to find the ideal presents for outdoor enthusiasts in your life and streamline your Christmas shopping process. There are primarily 6 sorts of outdoor gifts described below, whether they are outdoor gifts for men, outdoor gifts for women, or outdoor gifts for kids:

1. Outdoor gifts for camping
2. Outdoor gifts for backpacking & hiking
3. Outdoor gifts for biking, e-bike and motorcycle touring
4. Outdoor gifts for climbing
5. Outdoor gifts for skiing & snowboarding
6. Outdoor gifts for canoeing, kayaking, and rafting

Best Outdoor Gifts for Camping

The outdoor recreation industry continually develops new, unusual, practical, and occasionally absurd equipment. There are many reasons to enjoy camping in nature, including cozying up in a tent, toasting over an open flame, and sleeping under the stars. Here, however, are the best outdoor gifts that every camper would adore if you're hunting for the ideal gift to give your favorite outdoor adventurer!

Best Outdoor Gifts for Camping
  • Camper Stove & Roaster

It can take more effort than you might think to enjoy some yummy meals, from building a fire to gathering groceries. With this stylish roaster, which has a compartment to keep your graham crackers warm and your chocolate soft while you roast—or burn—those marshmallows, you can make things simple for the campers in your life. Additionally, you can use it indoors if a weekend getaway is impossible.

The most crucial gear in your camp kitchen is a camp stove. With this two-burner propane stove, you can prepare whatever you usually cook at home when camping, including bacon slices, omelets, pancakes, hamburgers, and chicken breasts.

  • Portable Solar Generator

Thanks to the portable power station, you can take electronics on a tent camping vacation or operate your RV in areas without electricity. It's alluring to watch a movie in the woods, and power stations make it possible.

The Jackery Solar Generator 500 is a 518Wh lithium-ion portable power station (Explorer 500) packing with 100w solar panel to generate renewal power for your trip. One of the most portable and lightweight rechargeable lithium battery generators available. The Jackery Explorer 500 portable power station has a sturdy handle and is roughly the size of a basketball, which is the ideal power bank for road trips and camping.

It has one AC outlet, three USB-A ports, two DC ports, and one carport to run low-power to high-power items, such as a cellphone, lights, mini-fridge, the air pump, TV, and more. It also has a 518Wh lithium-ion battery pack and a pure sine wave inverter. We highly recommend this type of portable power station for camping and overnight trips into the wildlife.

  • Camper Light & Lantern

The campers in your life will appreciate how useful and fashionable a rechargeable lantern is for camping, and they'll want to use it at home as well. This portable LED headlamp is essential if you want hands-free lighting when you are out and about at night. Additionally, the portable light keeps your environment well-lit wherever you are. The lamp has a carabiner that makes it simple to attach it to the inside of your tent or another location where you need light.

Some campers claim that they particularly appreciate being able to quickly and easily switch from a soft, calming ambient light to a strong, bright white light when they need to see what they're doing.

  • Camp Chair

With a portable and simple-to-unfold camping chair, you can now relax comfortably at your campground. It ought to be comfy, strong, and light. Another option is to choose a rocking chair as a gift. Rocking chairs include pistons that can adjust to uneven surfaces, allowing them to sit level on virtually any surface and rock comfortably. Even better, it collapses flat for quick traveling.

The ideal option for camping with families is to get a chair accommodating two or three people. By the campfire, it's simple to be close to your spouse thanks to a foldable camping love seat. It makes the ideal camping present for a couple. Additionally, it helps a single person and a very spoilt dog!

  • A Camper Van Trip

An excellent camper van excursion will allow your friend or family member who has never camped to experience it firsthand. Right now, van living is widespread, and for a good reason. Compact campers are simple to drive and park, and now that there are more rental alternatives, it's a terrific way to organize a camping trip in a pre-made van.

Are you looking for suggestions for cool places to visit on a campervan road trip? Do you want to travel through California by car? Do you have more extended coast-to-coast travel plans? Introduce your companion to new locations and routes; an enjoyable camping trip will create beautiful memories.

Outdoor Gifts for Backpacking & Hiking

We are conscious of how difficult it might be to buy because we climb all year. We spend most of our time outdoors hiking and backpacking, whether on nearby neighborhood trails or farther out in the wilderness. So it would be a fantastic idea to get a hiking-related present.

The difficulty is that hikers and backpackers often have extreme preferences for the equipment they utilize. Walking through the woods may seem simple, but hiking and backpacking can be surprisingly gear-focused pursuits. The backpacking and hiking outdoor gifts listed below are ideal and would make any hiker happy to receive them.

Outdoor Gifts for Backpacking & Hiking
  • Waterproof Binoculars

Due to outdoor lovers’ recent interest in birdwatching, carrying a small pair of binoculars on the path has improved our hiking experience. We are more conscious of and intrigued about our environment now that we can observe wildlife from a distance. Any hiker who enjoys the outdoors and is curious about the natural world will enjoy receiving this.

You'll want tiny binoculars with an objective lens diameter of less than 28 and a magnification of 8 or 10 because the size and weight in a pack are essential considerations (8x25, 10x25, 8x28, and 10x28 are all fine choices). In addition, a pair with a rubber coating will last longer, and waterproof or water-resistant types will protect you from the elements.

  • Trekking Pole

Trekking poles are a fantastic idea for hikers of all skill levels. They relieve pressure on the joints and make you a more effective hiker or traveler. With their natural cork handles, these adjustable Traverse Trekking Poles are an excellent alternative to foam or plastic grips.

A trekking pole is a great gift because it helps you move up and downhill while saving your knees and energy. By lessening the impact, trekking poles are the secret to completing long climbs, particularly those with significant elevation gain. The aluminum used to construct the Black Diamond Trail Pro poles is very lightweight. These hiking poles are additionally comfortable thanks to the foam grip and nylon handle strap.

  • GPS APP Membership

Using a smartphone app, users may narrow their searches by trail difficulty, duration, and even the kinds of vistas they are interested in. In addition to a few safety features, the pro edition allows users to keep trail maps offline (for when their phone invariably loses service in the woods).

Searching for an "all-in-one" solution with GPS tracking and satellite SOS capabilities is an excellent alternative. It is among the "ultimate" presents for hikers. Additionally, this present will be essential if your hiker decides to backpack or take on more challenging terrain. If you offer one of these GPS devices, you'll become any hiker's favorite gift giver for a long time!

  • Sleeping Pad

Do you think you're tough if you plan to sleep on the ground? You'll be reconsidering that sleeping plan after one night! Get comfy sleeping pads for your family and friends on your upcoming camping vacation! Just put together a simple, cozy, and tiny sleeping pad.

Your first choice for outdoor Christmas gifts is a sleeping pad or mat; you should consider buying a pet's sleeping pad as a present. The ideal camping gift for your pet is a portable dog bed. When there isn't enough room for everyone to sleep, this is an excellent alternative because it packs up tiny, is simple to clean, and works well.

Outdoor Gifts for Biking, E-bike and Motorcycle Touring

Shopping for your favorite cyclist can be something other than an expensive endeavor, even though surprising them with a new ride can be a costly endeavor. Maybe they need essential items like a water bottle, a new bike seat, or some rear bike lights. Alternatively, they could upgrade their cycling gear by adding some gloves or shorts for extra protection on longer rides.

Cycling is a sport that can quickly turn into a way of life, occupying the minds of individuals who do it often and even affecting their choices in friends, travel, and fashion. Regardless, we are confident that your cyclist friend or family will greatly appreciate it if you give them the following outdoor gifts.


Outdoor Gifts for Biking
  • Tire Plugs

For every rider, tire plugs are a need. A barbed plastic plug that may be easily pressed into a tire puncture is preloaded on this cylindrical tool. The flexible material adapts to the contours of the tire to produce a quick seal, and the barbs retain the plug in place as you remove the insertion instrument. Any extra plastic that protrudes once you're back up and riding will gradually disappear.

Any biker would appreciate receiving this as a gift because there are no longer any bacon strips that need to be trimmed after a ride or, if you ride a road cycle, bothersome bumps with each turn of the wheel. Some tire plugs also function as an inflator. The importance of this coupling can be understood if you've ever lost a tire lever or forgotten an inflator at home. The inflator is actually incorporated into one of the levers, making it more difficult to lose. The levers are made of machined aluminum alloy with rubber tips to avoid rim damage.

  • Recycling Sunglasses

Cycling sunglasses are essential equipment, and the importance of shielding our vulnerable eyes from the sun's rays cannot be overstated. Retro-polarized sunglasses are customizable and available with various vibrant lens and frame designs. In addition, there are two available widths and prescription lenses.

Some sunglasses are downright tacky, but that's half the fun. The large Chromapop lenses, which increase clarity so you can see more detail, and the hydrophilic nose pads, which adhere like glue even when you're sweating a lot, are just two features that make them ideal for trail riding. On rocky trails, auto-lock hinges also help keep the shades tightly in place against your dome.

  • Bike Bell

As we all know, a classy vintage bicycle bell provides a powerful, robust tone. It may be readily mounted using handlebars with a standard 22mm (1 inch) diameter. Bike bells are an essential component of cycling equipment and are particularly helpful in warning uninformed pedestrians of the approaching bicycle.

The bike bell has a clapper that can be adjusted, allowing it to be silent on ascents and loud on descents. Although it won't give you permission to drive like crazy, and it might not be loud enough for those of us who are blindly blasting music in our headphones, it will lessen the likelihood of surprises, which will make everyone's day a little bit better.

  • Jackery Power Stations

Your buddies who enjoy the outdoors would likely appreciate receiving a portable power station. What happens if a biker finds himself on the wrong path while sleeping outside and all the electronics are dead? Any outdoor enthusiast could benefit significantly from having a portable power source.

Jackery recognized the need for outdoor portable power stations for mobile lifestyles so you may continue operating even when disconnected from the grid. The only way to satisfy your growing desire for power outside is through Jackery's innovation and enhanced technology.

Considering most e-bikes power is from 350w to 500w, we suggest the Jackery Explorer 500. It is lightweight (13.32 lbs), fashionable, and simple to carry thanks to its compact size, good capacity, user-friendly design, and robust handle. The Explorer 500 is one of the best purchases for your biking and motorcycle touring because of its environmentally friendly and quiet qualities. In contrast to gas generators, it provides the electricity you need, where you need it, with no toxic pollutants.

  • Emergency SOS Kit

Given the possible threat posed by wildlife, an emergency or survival kit should rank far higher on the camping list. However, a simple emergency pack can often be quite effective. A compass, wire saw, bottle opener, emergency blanket, knife, flashlight, whistle, and more are included. It is a terrific option to get them started with the necessities if they've never gone camping.

Preparing entails having the tools and equipment needed in an emergency or tragedy. Store your goods in a portable emergency kit that you may use at home or bring with you if you need to flee.

  • Biking Guidebook

More adventure inspiration would be a welcome present. Biking guidebooks are a terrific way to discover new places and are filled with information on permits, campgrounds, and suggested routes. However, a guidebook can aid your safety as you test your physical, psychological, and emotional limits.

From one of the top experts in the sport, one biking guidebook provides a thorough overview of lightweight biking equipment and techniques. It is perfect for those looking to transition from day to overnight biking excursions because it is full of straightforward, helpful advice like "How to Survive Your First Bike Trip into the Wild."

Outdoor Gifts for Climbing

Do you need help thinking of the ideal outdoor gifts for rock climbers? What do mountaineers desire? What in the world do they want? Why can't they merely engage in a typical activity, which would be simpler to purchase?

From the valuable gifts (which climbers constantly need more of) to the nice-to-have rock climbing presents. Check out our list of the finest outdoor gifts for rock climbers if you have pals who share our passion for climbing.


Outdoor Gifts for Climbing
  • Climbing Boots

Your climbing companion might require footwear that is more of a cross between climbing and trekking on rocky terrain. For day hikers who come across overflowing streams or sudden downpours of rain, climbing boots should be made. It has enough style points to wear into town and is waterproof, grippy, and protective.

High-quality climbing shoes should often offer noticeably higher traction to avoid potentially hazardous slipping and sliding on snowy trails. They also come in a small tote bag that can be conveniently thrown in a pack, just in case.

  • Climbing Rope

If the climber in your life enjoys sport or traditional climbing, a new rope would be the best choice for them. Although many different kinds of rope are used in various applications, you can undoubtedly find one that is a little more all-purpose, like the one we just acquired. It is the most crucial investment, as many climbers will tell you. The cost of the other items (shoes, hardware, etc.) are comparable, but for safety, you should spend the most money on the rope.

A new climbing rope is a fantastic present for any climber, whether they are into traditional or sport climbing. Unfortunately, if your climbing pal climbs outside frequently, their rope has probably endured a lot of lead falls, filth, and abuse. As a result, the rope eventually has to be replaced.

  • National Park Pass

Products can be excellent, but life-changing experiences are more durable. So give the America National Parks Pass as a present to someone who would cherish a whole year of adventure. You can enter all National Parks and Monuments, National Forests, Grasslands, and numerous other national leisure areas, with just one pass.

Passes to national or local state parks might fill the upcoming year with countless happy days. Find out what state or regional park passes are available where your gift recipient is located by conducting a fast web search, or look for greater US interagency passes.

  • Hand Care Kit

Climbing is hard on your hands! Rock climber hands can become damaged after many days of climbing, therefore it's crucial to have a good hand repair routine in place. Climbers apply repair lotion after each workout and massage cream when sore. Additionally, the fragrance of hand cream would make people pleasant!

An excellent hand repair lotion is one that helps mend climbers' hands while not leaving them feeling overly oily or "thick" after application..

  • Climber Talkies

Whatever type of climbing you enjoy, communication is always crucial. So for climbers, climber talkies were created. These rugged radios are made to be reliable and practical, have long battery life, and have a good range.

These have changed the game for our pals, who use them for multi-pitch climbs and other athletic activities. They are no longer concerned about misunderstandings while on the wall. They also help us locate one another when climbing in areas without cell coverage. We can plan to be on the same channel to find each other, as plans can always change.

Outdoor Gifts for Skiing & Snowboarding

It could be challenging to come up with a suitable gift when a loved one is constantly pining to put on skis and hit the slopes. In addition, purchasing a gift for these people can be challenging because a lot of snowboarding and skiing equipment is pricey, size-dependent, and difficult for people who don't participate in those activities to understand.

Finding presents for skiers and snowboarders can be challenging, especially if you are unfamiliar with the activity. However, you can be sure that you'll find some hidden treasures on this list of the top outdoor gifts for skiers and snowboarders because it was carefully chosen by our staff, who are passionate about the sport.

Outdoor Gifts for Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Hand Warmers

The fact that these hand warmers are 98% biodegradable is their best feature. They help keep your hands warm and are environmentally friendly. Each warmer has a reusable pouch and a ten-hour battery life. Each bag weighs 45 ounces, measures 2 x 3.7 inches, and has ten warmers inside.

On really chilly days, it's effortless to develop cold extremities while skiing. We suggest hand warmers and foot warmers as some of the best presents for skiers and snowboarders because of this. They are cheap and ideal for tucking into boots or gloves to offer a quick boost of warmth in otherwise frigid weather.

  • Traction Pad

One of the best presents for beginning to intermediate snowboarders is this traction pad, which was created with snowboarding in mind. When coming off the lift or skating to the front of the line, snowboarders can use traction pads as protective pads to manage the board.

Giving a traction pad to a friend or member of your family is always a kind gesture that could save them from falling on their bum. This present might be relatively inexpensive, but it has to be of the best quality.

  • Carrier Strap

While on the slopes, these comfortable skis and boot-carrying straps may be effortlessly tucked inside their ski jacket. Any skier will appreciate having this attachment so they won't have to worry about cutting their gloves when transporting their skis by hand.

It contains a padded shoulder pad, an adjustable strap, a neoprene grip band for non-slip support, and an additional ski hook for storing poles. We're confident that your friends or family will appreciate this helpful ski or snowboarding accessory!

  • Gopro

For the devoted skier or snowboarder who wants to capture their exploits on camera, a GoPro makes a fantastic gift. A GoPro will enable your favorite winter sports enthusiast to repeatedly grab and enjoy their favorite moments on the slopes because it is portable, weatherproof, and excellent quality. Cameras record finer detail, more realistic textures, and better contrast than other devices.

With your GoPro subscription and the Quik app, take advantage of robust, simple-to-use editing features and a location to store your most outstanding images. In addition, this practical application gives you access to a wide range of intelligent capture settings, greatly expanding your options. If you have the money, your skiing enthusiast will be thrilled with your decision.

  • Boots Dryer

Boot liners that are sweat- and snowmelt-soaked are problematic for the wearer and their acquaintances. With the help of this device from the boots dryer, reject both. A pair of energy bar-sized fans fits discretely into boot liners and is powered by a supplied AC/DC power adapter, which allows dry boots at home or in the car.

In contrast to a conventional fan system, the hybrid system draws air over a thermal element before venting, heating boots, and drying them more quickly. You probably want to avoid your skiing partner going skiing with wet shoes.

Outdoor Gifts for Canoeing, Kayaking and Rafting

Rafting and kayaking enthusiasts become giddy with delight and anticipation for the fresh rivers they may run as the rainy winter weather rolls. Give the whitewater enthusiast in your life everything they need this holiday season to be warm and comfortable on the river. While most people may not be considering rafting among the holiday cheer and chilly temperatures, now is the ideal time to pamper the whitewater lovers in your life with gear they'll adore!

Given that they utilize them the most, a kayak and paddle can seem attractive. However, the kayak and paddle a paddler chooses are far too personal to be presented as unexpected gifts. Therefore, we've compiled a list of some of our top outdoor gifts for paddlers.

Outdoor Gifts for Canoeing, Kayaking and Rafting
  • Dry Bags

Because you can never have too many dry bags, dry bags resemble socks. In addition, because it is waterproof by design, this valuable kayaking equipment keeps other gear, such as clothing, supplies, and personal things, dry and organized.

The best dry bag closure available is a zip-top dry bag. Day bags produce duffle-style bags that enable simple access during multi-day travels, in addition to day bags that are the ideal size for cameras and other daytime items. Smaller models with a cam strap make excellent day bags for city and riverside hikes.  

  • Jackery Portable Power Station

Some kayakers like less strenuous paddles on surrounding lakes that are shorter and more laid back. And they can choose the Jackery Explorer 300 which is lightweight and can be used to charge small devices like, camera(5w) 54 charges, phone (iPhone) 30 charges, light (5w) 27 hours and so on.

Others prefer longer excursions, which occasionally develop into full-fledged overnight kayak camping outings. A power bank should be on the list of paddling equipment if the person you're buying it for likes the latter.

For those looking for a portable and effective power station in the wild, Jackery is a perfect option thanks to its quick charging capabilities, long cycle life, and low power consumption. We here suggest the Jackery Explorer 500 as the ideal presents for kayak enthusiasts.

It can be used as a power bank while canoeing or kayaking because it offers a dependable and effective power source. It is the ideal solar power station for charging a speaker, an inflatable kayak, a cell phone, or anything else outdoors because it has an enhanced solar battery.

  • Inflation Kayak

The best gift you can give is an inflatable kayak if your loved one is serious about kayaking or other water sports. The advanced inflatable kayak is something we recommend because it is portable, light, and strong.

This inflatable kayak seats two people and is crafted from premium, damage-resistant materials to let the outdoors get out and enjoy the water. This fantastic kayak is unavoidable; perhaps they'll even take you with them!

  • Waterproof Speaker

Speaking of waterproof gear for kayaks, a waterproof speaker would be a wonderful present for a kayaker who enjoys "spicing up" their time on the water with the sound of their favorite music.

Today's technology doesn't need an introduction; chances are you've seen or perhaps owned a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. A waterproof speaker is made to withstand outdoor activities like kayaking. So it shouldn't be a problem to get it wet. Its combination of extreme portability and durability makes it the ideal outdoor companion. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker can keep you rocking for up to 10 hours on the water and produces tremendous sound for its size when fully charged. You would agree that it is an excellent present for a kayaker!  

  • Fishing Tools

Any kayaking gifts that will help transform their 'yak into a lean, mean fishing machine could be a terrific choice if you're buying for an enthusiastic kayak angler. The most apparent response is a fishing rod, especially when combined with a rod holder.

A set of multipurpose fishing pliers that may be used for cutting lines and removing hooks is one example of a basic fishing tool. The second item is a fish lip gripper, which is a necessity for catch-and-release fisherman working with venomous or pointy species. Give them the best fishing combine to add to their kayak fishing setup by combining these items with a fishing scale and a pair of fish handling gloves.

Must-have Outdoor Gift: Jackery Portable Power Station

Jackery portable power station is a rechargeable battery-powered generator. It can maintain power for your devices, including coffee makers, electric grills, CPAP machines, laptops, telephones, and laptop chargers. Additionally, they have USB charging connectors, DC carports, and AC outlets.

gifts for outdoor lovers

We offer a bunch of portable power stations to fulfill the needs of varied users. So there's a probability that we have power stations which can accommodate your budgetary needs for outdoor living and your wants for power.






Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro


4AC, 1 Carport, 3 USB, 1 USB-C, 1 QC3.0, 1 USB-A

Light(13W) 100H, TV(60W) 22H, Cooler(21W) 70H, Heating Blanket(40W) 68H, Coffee Maker(1000W) 2.2H, Electric Stove(1150W) 90Min

Jackery Explorer 1500


3AC, 1 USB-C, 1 QC3.0, 1 USB-A, 1 CARPORT

Light(13W) 80H, TV(60W) 19H, Cooler(21W) 50H, Heating Blanket(40W) 50H, Coffee Maker(1000W) 1.5H, Electric Stove(1150W) 65Min

Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro


3AC, 2 USB-C, 2 PD Ports, 2 USB-A, 1 DC Carport

Light(13W) 60H, TV(60W) 13H, Cooler(21W) 34H, Heating Blanket(40W) 35H, Coffee Maker(1000W) 4H, Electric Stove(1150W) 40Min

Jackery Explorer 1000


3AC, 2 USB-C, 1 QC3.0, 1 USB-A, 1 USB-C

Light(13W) 60H, TV(60W) 13H, Cooler(21W) 34H, Heating Blanket(40W) 35H, Coffee Maker(1000W) 4H, Electric Stove(1150W) 40Min

Jackery Explorer 500


1AC, 3 USB, 1 Carport

Light(13W) 45H, TV(60W) 7.5H, Cooler(21W) 9H, Heating Blanket(40W) 3.9H, Coffee Maker(1000W) 50Mins

Jackery Explorer 300


2AC, 1 USB-C, 1 QC3.0, 1 USB-A, 1Carport

Light(13W) 27H, TV(60W) 4.5H, Cooler(21W) 5H

Jackery Explorer 240


1 AC, 2 USBs, 1 Carport

Light(13W) 40H, TV(60W) 3H, Heating Blanket(40W) 4H


For everyone who enjoys camping, hiking, climbing, skiing, fishing and being outside, a Jackery Power Station is the perfect present. This portable power source can charge all electronics, like cell phones, tablets, and laptops. With Jackery, it can indeed be helpful, especially in emergency cases .

Final Thoughts

Whoever the nature lover in your life may be, they deserve the best Christmas outdoor gifts to open this holiday season, without a doubt! So many unique outdoor presents are excellent stocking stuffers or valuable investments they will cherish forever. The outdoor gifts above will help you decide what to get and surprise them.

Thanks to the Jackery Portable Power Station, outdoor activities like camping, backpacking, climbing, and more are now more enjoyable. Make every journey a wonderful shared experience by quickly and worry-free charging your devices.


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