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Kent Hagood

Power Your Home With Solar

Kent Hagood lives in Texas. He has a son who loves rock climbing and is an adventurer. The news of the weakening Texas power grid led him to get the Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro and charge his devices using solar power. During his interview with Jackery, Kent shares his reasons for buying from Jackery and the home appliances he wishes to charge during power cuts. 

1. What inspired you to get a Jackery Solar Generator?

We have been hearing information about the weakness of the Texas power grid. I've been concerned about the process and how hot it has been this summer. I mainly purchased Jackery as a home emergency backup. 

We used to do a lot of camping and similar stuff. But, obviously, the Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro would be a little bigger and heavier for that purpose. Although I mainly wanted Jackery Solar Generator as an emergency backup, it would be helpful for my rock-climber son.

I found out about Jackery through Gosh, who is kind of like a tech guru. He does online reviews of electronics. And most of the time, it's about solar power systems of different brands. He had given Jackery a good review. When you were running a sale, I wound up going with you on both the panels and the unit.

I've seen reviews of a couple of your products, and you were really the one name brand that everyone was talking about. 

2. Why did you go with a portable system instead of a full-power system? 

Going with a full power system probably would have cost several thousands more dollars. It would have probably necessitated using a natural gas connection and emitted noise, too. 

I was intrigued by the prospect of using solar and really intended to do a whole house backup and spend whatever it is — $8,000 or $12,000 to do an entire house backup.

3. What appliances are you most concerned with during power outages? 

For us, it's mainly refrigerators, minimal lights, and connection capability. Specifically, we don't want things to spoil, so refrigerators are a top priority.

We basically thought that if there was a power cut for a couple of days, we could move a small air conditioner into a window in the back bedroom and throw in a fan. We could run an air conditioner, a fan, and lights with the Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro. 

4. Would you like to use Jackery for other purposes like camping? 

My son, who is an avid rock climber and a kind of adventurer, does a lot of outdoor activities. When he found out what we bought, he was pretty excited about it. We also have a camper, and maybe we could use Jackery for that.

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